Tuesday, September 25, 2007

CD Cases

I do not celebrate Chrsitmas, so naturally I offered to host a Holiday Stamp Camp for my customers where we will make projects that can be used as gifts or stocking stuffers. It is my way of testing out all the great ideas I see, but not actually having to make lots of them all myself. Sharing is good! I will enable them all!

Tonight's effort was to make a CD case instead of buying them to alter. This enables my customers to use what they already have - card stock - to make something very cool.

There is a great Tutorial on SCS for making your own CD case out of card stock. I started out following the directions, mostly, with my first sample. I used Purely Pomegranate card stock, and added a belly band made from a strip of Holiday Harmony designer paper. The seam on the belly band is hidden with a circle of Mellow Moss on which I stamped the Fleur de Lis from the Carte Postale set in Purely Pomegranate ink. I think if I spend some TIME on this, I could dress it up some more, but this also works.

Then I though, hmmmm, why not just make the whole thing out of DS paper! It is thinner than card stock, and it is already decorated! Aaaaand, since it is double-sided paper, it is thick enough to hold its shape, and the inside of the CD case will be automatically decorated, too! What a DEAL!

This is another piece of the same DS paper, and I actually left it at 12" long instead of cutting it down to 11". It just needs to be scored at 3" and 4" instead of 3" on both sides. I really like how it turned out!

This is the inside of the double-sided-paper case. See - pre-decorated! Please ignore the visible score line. That is where I figured out it should have been scored at 4" instead of 3". This is the kind of stuff that keeps me from EVER becoming a goddess, and it also keeps me humble.

Tomorrow I think I'll tackle a two-pocket card. Stay tuned!

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  1. can you email the directions for the double fold card?

    Janis L U


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