Saturday, September 1, 2007

Krum update, Stash Diving, and more!

Today was a very long and busy day. But before I get into that, I first want to show some more Stash Diving I did earlier this week. I re-discovered two packs of Spirelli shapes in my stash and forced myself to open the packages. I do not have the Spirelli kits, just the card stock die-cut shapes. I looked it up on the Web, and the instructions said to use Spirelli thread. Yeah, right.

So I did some more stash diving into my cross-stitch floss-of-every-color stash and pulled out a spool of verigated, metalic, irridescent, single-ply floss. Perfect.

Never having done this before, I thought back to my days of wrapping string and wire around nails punched into a board, and as I translated that to floss and cardstock, this is what came out. Kinda neat, huh? I layered the heart on Stampin' Up!'s Taken With Teal, then put that on some shiny gold stuff from The Stash, and layered the whole thing on a piece of the new SU textured card stock. I really like how it turned out!

On a twisted note, I walked by this card as it was lying innocently on the table the other day and thought it resembled a woman's derierre wearing a thong. That is certainly not how I plan to sell it, though. Of course, people can read anything into it they want to.

On to today's market. It was a banner day all around today! As the calendar turned to September, the weather turned into October over night, and it was glorious this morning. This is good because there was a 5K race scheduled for the neighborhood where we hold our market, and we had to get set up at O'Dark Thirty or wait until 10:00 am. Since they close the roads and restrict parking, too, I opted for the early arrival. Yawn!

The first excitement after the runners passed by (great advertising for the market!), was the arrival Krum's new Mom, Jennifer, WITH KRUM! He was in a little snugglie, all nestled up against her. Too cute!

He has grown a LOT, and Jennifer was happy to report he is fully litter-trained and eating soft kitten food. He is about twice the size he was two weeks ago! His eyes are no longer new-kitten-blue and have turned more gray-green. He is just adorable.

He also identifies Jennifer as 'Mom', and right after we took this shot he scooted back into the snugglie and tried to go to sleep. What a great start to our day!

The other good stuff about the market today is that it was hoppin'! Sales were pretty good all around for both the farmers and the crafters. It seemed like a lot of people in the community were not even aware there WAS a market every Saturday, so hopefully we will all have new customers in the weeks to come.

I sold several of my Stash Dive creations of weeks past, which was very encouraging. I also had a great sale just before 2:00, when we close - someone bought 11 cards! Woo-hoo! Made my day!

During the hours of the market we have lots of conversations with customers and passersby, and everyone is very friendly and willing to humor us. We usually ooh and aah over the pets that parade through, but sometimes things take a different turn. For example, when a woman stopped by to admire the photographer's wares, I noticed her T-shirt. I immediately recognized the style as matching some of the stamps in our SU catalogs, so I asked her if she'd let me take a photo of her shirt, and she agreed.

Before I took this shot I asked her if she thought I was being weird, and she said yes, but it was still okay to take the photo. Isn't it a great shirt? Inspiration abounds everywhere you look!

[This space intentionally left blank to make Blogger happy.]

Then we have those moments when things are slow and we have to make conversation amongst ourselves. This shot to the left is an example of what can happen when we are left alone for too long without customer interaction. This farmer had an eggplant in his bin with a bit of a deformity, so he started playing with it. In profile it looked like Nixon, but then he grabbed a few cherry tomotoes, and, well, it was a very long day.

With the long weekend I hope to do some more Stash Diving and creating. I also need to plan the projects for next weekend's workshops. Maybe if I dive into my SU stash I can combine the two. Hmmmm...possibilities abound!

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