Sunday, September 30, 2007

Projects Galore!

Continuing on my quest for suitable projects for my Holiday Stamp Camp, I cranked out some prototypes this past week. First up is a double-pocket card I have seen on SCS. I thought I'd try it with some of the new SU wrapping paper, but I think they came out a little too busy for this particular use.

I even tried to put the pockets on the inside (the right-hand image), but it still seemed too over-powering.

Someone posted one on SCS using a very subtle patterned paper, so I tried that next, and I think it has a bit more potential than the bolder patterns.

This is a tote bag I made last year, and decided to make it for this event using some of SU's new card stock and DS paper. This one uses the new Basic Gray card stock and Charbon double-sided paper.

This bag can be gussied up in oh so many ways, but to keep things simple I decided to just use different papers from the Charbon paper pack. This tote would be perfect for giving someone a bunch of cards, and the cards could be made to match the tote. It would also be cute stuffed with tissue paper to use for a regular gift.

Next up I found the template for this project on SCS and thought it would be a great Stamp Camp project. It is made out of a piece of card stock cut 4 x 11, so you can get 2 out of one piece of card stock. A little cutting, a little adhesive, some stamping, and voila! Just imagine the 'open' version of this sample filled with candy corn. ;-) So many possibilities!

And I finally used my SU Sweet Sampler set. ;-)

Enough creating for one day!

And now for something completely different ..... Chunky Books!

This afternoon my stamp club had their monthly meeting, and today was the end of our Alphabet Chunky Book adventure! Here is what the book looks like bound, both the front cover and a view of the pages. I have not trimmed and finished the coil, yet, but I thought I'd take a photo of the project in case the coil never gets finished.

This one is truly chunky! I will say it was pretty easy to assemble - we knew the order of the pages!

I cannot show other people's pages - it's just not right - but I can show you my pages and tell you about some of the other ones.

Here is my 'C' page, front and back:

Obviously, I could not decide on one word for a theme, so I went for whatever would fit on the page. as long as it started with the letter 'C'. Very original, I know. There is actually some stuff in my first mock-up that did not make the final cut. The cork letters on this final version were the result of me following yet another SCS enabling post that had me rummaging through the Target dollar bin. I think I have enough cork letters for several more alphabet books! Hey, they were only a dollar!

And may I take this opportunity to point out the importance of good lighting when taking a photograph. Check out that right-hand photo of the 'C' page. It really is the same color as the front of the page (SU's Really Rust, that I called 'Cinnamon' for the 'C' page) ... just bad photography ...

Here is my 'P' page, front and back:

I was still in 'busy' mode, so this got all the starts-with-P stuff: pink paper, a pink pick-up, a P with pink paisley paper, a pink ribbon with a pink pin, a padlock and a piano. And that's just the FRONT. On the back we have a pocket (a picture of my blue jeans' pocket!), with a puzzle piece and a penny, a paw and a purse. I was pretty thorough, huh?!

And my 'H' page:

By the time I got done with 'C' and 'P', I really needed to cut back on the 'stuff' and focus on one word for a theme. I went through my stash (oooh, this might count as a Stash Dive entry!) and found this Red Hat (focus on the HAT for 'H') paper. It was a 12x12 piece of these stripes, so I cut them out and made them the tops of my pages. I have had the hat stamp forever, and I used the SU Spring Flower Bouquet punch to make the flowers for the hat band. The back has the flower from Bodacious Bouquet stamped in Versamark (I think) and the lower-case 'h' from the SU Big Deal alphabet is stamped in Elegant Eggplant craft ink on Real Red card stock, then clear-embossed and cut out. The Hats Off sentiment is from the retired SU Going Out in Style set.

Some of the other creative ideas (more creative than mine, I think, mostly because they had a theme and focus) ... the 'Y' page was a View-master of all things 'Y'. The top window had a picture and the bottom window had the word to describe it - how clever was that?!?!?! And it was two-sided! There were views of the wheel both front and back! I was humbled.

And the 'M' page was in the shape of an 'M'. VERY creative! It had musical score paper and an image of a Muse. We had 'G' is for Giraffe, 'I' is for Ink, 'F' is for Feather (full of fluffy Fushia feathers!), and I could go on, but I will not. These are just so much fun to do!

We had a great time today assembling the books and planning our next project. We decided to do a 2008 calendar, due in December We will each get one month (I picked March) and we can do anything we want - ANYTHING. We just have to stick to a 1/2 sheet of card stock - 8 1/2 x 5 1/2, vertically-oriented, and have a calendar with dates somewhere on the page. I think I can do that!

Later this week I leave for Florida, and I'll be there for two weeks. I know, it's rough, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I go every year and other family members have the same weeks in the same timeshare complex, just different units. My biggest decision every day will be Beach or Pool. Hmmmmmm...and my Dad will want to start planning dinner around late morning.

Other than those mind-bending decisions, I will have NOTHING to do all day. I have learned over the years how to pack my stampin' stuff, and I think I got it right last year. I took two pieces of every color card stock, plus some patterned paper and a lot of white and vanilla. And all my spots. And the In Color inks. And some punches. And the last wave of must-have stamps so I would USE them. And some accessories.

Then I create a little each day, and I limit myself to a 1/4 sheet, basically making card fronts, to stretch my supplies. I act on ideas in my head, and I also take the time to do some of the daily SCS challenges. I am sure I will forget something very important, but I will either make do, or cross back over to Ft Myers and go to Mike's. But only if I HAVE to. I lived without brads one year and just added them when I got home. I think I forgot sentiments one year, too, which made things interesting ... We'll see how I do this year.

Now I must take my leave and do some laundry so I can go to work tomorrow. Three more days and I'll be outta here! Man, I need this vacation ....

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