Monday, April 7, 2008

Ain't It The Life?

My Brother and his family have a puppy who is more like a small horse. She is part Great Dane and part English Mastiff. My first thought was, "OMG!" At about 7 months she was nose-high to the Kitchen counters, and as he so knowingly stated, she does not know her own size.

She was "fixed" last week, and he sent me a post-op photo of her, along with permission to share:

I accused him of staging this, but he said Nope, that's her blanket, her spot, and her sleep toy. All he did was fold up the bottom of the blanket. Aaaaw. But look at those feet! And she is not a year old yet (maybe close, though)! She is such a sweety, although I understand she has discovered the flower beds in the wet corner of the back yard and is digging her way to China every chance she gets. Can you say "invisible fence"? That's next!

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my gosh... cute!

  2. note from the owner of said creature....actually she is only 8 months in this picture and 98# and holding. beleive it or not she is getting taller but holding the weight. She hasnt figured out yet that the mud slinging events that she so enjoys results in the perverbial digestive issues. ugggh

  3. We also had a digger but then discovered a trick to make him stop. We put some of his poops into the holes and covered them up. He would not dig through it and eventually stopped digging.

  4. I want one!!!!!! Sadly, DH seems to be under the impression that the owners should always outweigh the pets. Ridiculous!



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