Friday, April 4, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Getting Ugly

It's been an interesting week, and I have been good, I have been bad, and it's going to get ugly, and very soon.

Let's start with some Good. I went to Target to buy something. This fact, in and of itself, is not so earth-shattering. But the reason I have been avoiding Target is because they have a Dollar Spot, and in the past week or two there have been many enabling threads on SCS about all the cool stuff at the Target Dollar Spot, so I had to stay away. But there I was, and after I'd picked up the two items I wanted, I, um, sorta just went upstairs to where the Dollar Spot is, to just look it over, ya know? And it looked like the grocery store shelves around here when they think about snow - empty. Yep, about 75% of the Dollar Spot was vacant, as in 'devoid of merchandise'. So I left. I guess I was good without having to try too hard, but I still did not buy anything at the Dollar Spot, so in my mind I passed the test.

Now for some Bad. I do not know what I was thinking, but about the time I signed up for my Really Reasonable Ribbon Club in an attempt to curtail my ribbon-buying tendencies, I also signed up for the Ribbon and Bows Oh My newsletter. Why? Who knows, but I did. Usually the newletters announce a special sale or a new printed ribbon, and mostly these are not things I want (but I do look), so I rarely buy. But this time, well, I was weak. The sale was on their Swiss Dot ribbon, and I love that stuff! I ordered a bunch of 3/8" width in 5-yard lengths, and I spent a total of about $15, including shipping, I think. Hey, if I am going to be bad, at least let it not be expensive. ;-)

And the Getting Ugly part. I am now officially going to the Offray Ribbon Outlet next Friday. This could get really, really bad. I have held out for the full five years I've known about the place, and I know I shouldn't go, but I am. I see this as a rite-of-passage, in a way. If I can survive this trip and still get into my condo, then I think all will be well. I plan to take the Miata (very tiny car) so I cannot buy more than will fit in my car.

So why am I going? I am going to meet up with Heather, a fellow blogger and stamper and crafty person. She recently moved to Maryland and the in three weeks she has been here, she has visited the Ribbon Outlet three times. THREE TIMES! Twice to buy, once to accompany someone else - but THREE TIMES. Next week with me will be #4, if she hasn't snuck out and gone again since my last email communication with her. I, naturally, plan to do a little shopping, but I also plan to be very, very, very selective. Very. I will report back to you next weekend on how that actually works out.

Time for some stampin'! Here the next two iterations of my Card-In-Progress. One of the ladies over at StampingCritique said the paper reminded her of coffee, so here's what I did:

I took my Thanks A Latte stamp (Impression Obsession) and topped it with part of an A Muse image to get a coffee cup. I layered it on both colors of Papertrey green card stock and added a Close to Cocoa layer under all of it. It has promise...

Someone else suggested I stamp the sentiment on a coffee cup image. Since I do not own a coffee cup image large enough, I decided to make one! This is my lame attempt to create a coffee mug out of circle punches. I think it might work if I leave out the silly line I drew to try and define the top of the mug. And I'll eventually add some squiggly lines for steam, too.

I am still thinking about it, and I hope to finalize my ideas so I can get this stuff off my table!!!

Over the next two days I also need to make up some projects for my workshops next weekend. Along the way I'll come back and post anything that makes the cut. My goal is to have a clue before next Saturday night. Wish me luck.


  1. i love the punch mug! makes me want to go get a nice big mug of hot cocoa...mmmm.... and these colors are my absolute favorite combination!

  2. Love the card.

    I'll go to the ribbon factory with you, that way there will be no room in the car for more :)

    Just back from having bloodwork done...not fun...almost an hour to get 4 tubes of blood.

    Happy Saturday...and get me some ribbon too, would ya!

  3. I love how your card turned out!

    After my initial buying frenzy, I can now shop at the ribbon outlet in a controlled and dignified manner!


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