Sunday, April 6, 2008


When I first got brave enough to post something online, I just used the text editor that lived within my photo editor to put my name and some credits onto the image. After a while this got old, plus I kept making typos which got really bothersome, so one day I gave in and bought a watermark.

There are a ton of sources out there for purchasing a watermark, plus tutorials on how to make your own. Personally, I am lazy and very into that whole instant gratification thing, so it was much easier to have someone do it for me. ;-)

I got mine from Mama Dini's Digi-Sig Diner. She was super fast and efficient, and very helpful in all ways possible. She has so many styles to choose from (from which to choose), I had a difficult time, but I finally decided on this one:

When I first got the file from her, I told her I'd post back with an example of a card using her watermark, and I am finally getting around to doing that. So Mama Dini - here you go!

For future reference, I have also added a link to her site in my Side Bar. Thanks Mama Dini, for making my crooked stuff a little more professional-looking! ;-)


  1. Love your watermark and the cards. I used Kurtis' tutorial to make my own simple watermark (and it took me a while to get it right!)


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