Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! So what did you do today to help the earth? I planted moss. On purpose. No, really. While most normal people would be pulling this stuff OUT of the cracks in their sidewalks, I decided to put some IN. And a friend of mine who lives in the woods and has a lot of moss offerred to bring some over some time. Well guess who showed up this evening, armed with three, large zip-top bags full of moss? We went right out back and got to work!

I have a flagstone patio that is at least as large as a postage stamp. Okay, maybe it is about 10x10. I also have a tree that is beautiful, and each year it shades more and more of the yard. I already do not get enough sun to grow tomatoes, so I've been pondering shade-loving plants. Like moss.

These flagstones are really large, and there is this ashy, gravelly stuff between the stones. Some of it washes away over time, which is another reason I was thinking: moss.

We took out the proper tools one would use to loosen the ashy, gravelly stuff: plastic forks, and set to work. Here is a shot of a few carefully-placed pieces of moss:

It was a highly complex process. Scratch the gravel to loosen it, gently rip off a piece of moss, place in loosened gravel, and mash it down with your hand. Very scientific.

We made quick work of the three bags and admired our progress. It was lovely.

My dream is this will take root and grow to fill in all the spaces between the stones. I also gave her the bags back to refill. She'll be back. I am also going to stop by the local nursery and look for some Lemon Thyme to fill in other parts of the patio. That will smell amazing!

And the plastic forks? Into the dishwasher. They are good plastic forks (my finest) and will be reused...not to worry. I would never throw out plastic forks on Earth Day. Maybe tomorrow, but not today.

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