Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Am Weak

I have been a bad girl. First I went to Michael's last evening under the guise of purchasing some replacement blades for my Fiskars paper trimmer. After all, when I show you the fuzzy-edged papers I actually used on cards, you will see that this was a desperate move on my part. Also, Mike's is right next door to Pet Smart, and I was there to buy cat food, since the poor girl was almost out. I guess I am a bad Mom, too.

So the first thing I saw as I entered Michael's was a sign announcing all Provo Craft stuff was on sale. This was not a good beginning. I got my replacement blades and also picked up a Cuttlebug die (it was only $5, k?). Then I wandered into the bead section looking for a bag of those Dots (or whatever they are called...half-circle globe things you stick on cards...gems, but not ...) that some people have been talking about on SCS. None found, so I was safe.

Since I was already in the store, it could not hurt to just walk past the $1 Spot, right? So I mosied on over and found a few spools of ribbon (hey, surprise!) that I could probably, maybe use. I did not buy about 30 other spools that were there, so I get 'good girl' credits for that, at least the way I keep score.

Then I wandered over to the regular ribbons, and it went downhill from there. I found a bunch on sale that I selectively culled (is that redundant, since culling is itself a selection process?) ... then I left the store since my hands were full.

Oh, but it gets worse! Today I was enabled by a post on SCS to go look at Sigh .... Most of their brads match the SU colors, and some were on sale. And I have to tell you (CAUTION: ENABLEMENT ALERT!) they have Antique Brass, and no one else in the world carries these any more as a separate item. If you want 'em, you can get them there. I bought lots.

But the good news is I actually stamped something last night! One of my friends asked if I had any manly cards she could give to people who were leaving - moving on to greener pastures. So first I did a little Industry Research, also known as trolling the SCS gallery for inspiration. I stumbled across this card, and was immediately inspired. So off I went in search of some two-sided manly papers, and here's what I managed to generate in a few short hours:

This first one uses a piece of double-sided paper from my stash. The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink, and I think I have gotten my money's worth out of this words set. They are small and very useful for tag-like applications like this one. And I used this sentiment on every stinkin' card I made last night, too.

I even used some of my Ribbon Outlet hoard, even though it was less than a yard's worth. This one actually matched the River Rock card stock I used as the base. I had to put the other 99+ yards back in the closet for another day, though. Sigh.

Then I decided to try the paper strips thing using a manly color like blue. Please take note of the fuzzy edges of each and every piece of DS paper in this next card. I could call it a distressed look, and say I meant to do that, but in truth, I just needed a new blade for my cutter. Look closely. No, go ahead! I deserve any ridicule you throw my way, really!

There is an almost funny story with this card. I was so proud of myself that I was actually using the Stampin' Up! DS papers I had to have when they first came out, and that I also had all the matching ribbon (well, du-uh), this card would just be a cinch. Not. After I had all the strips of paper stuck on to the card base, I went in search of the Blue Bayou double-stitched ribbon. I looked and looked and looked and then I looked some more. I swear I have all of these, and I have used all of them, but for the life of me I could not find this one. I found all of the others, but not this one. Sigh... what to do, what to do. I wanted to put on a piece of the blue and layer some of the skinny twill I got at the Ribbon Outlet, but it was not to be. And can you believe I went through my whole box of nicely-wound-on-clothespins blue ribbon and not ONE of them matched this card stock? Grrrr.

Then it hit me: Use a strip of the card stock as a layer. But of course! Then I used SU white grosgrain and called it done.

Then I decided to use up some more of my Papertrey Ink stuff, and I made these.

The ribbon on this one is the PTI twill, and I am in love. I fondled it a lot, and it broke my heart to use it.

Here's another variation on the same theme.

And another.

My friend bought three of them, and the rest will go into my bin for my Farmers Markets that begin on the 3rd. Yay. Inventory at this time of year is a good thing.

And just to show you am capable of making a Mother's Day card that is not pink, here is one in yellow:

Usin' up some of my SU Ribbon Originals ribbons, here. I like how this yellow one looks on the So Safron card stock. I added the green velvet (sooooft) for contrast and stamped the much-used sentiment in Mellow Moss.

I actually did stamp that image from Fabulous Flowers three times with white craft ink on So Saffron card stock, then heat-embossed them, cut them out, cut them up and layered things. I like the look, but honestly, I do not think I will make too many of these, so please appreciate it while you can. I thank you.

Oh, and this Sunday I will be one of the vendors at the 4th Annual Virginia Scrapbooking & Craft INDOOR Yard Sale. When: Sunday, April 27, 2008. Where: Indoors in the Main Commerical Hall at the Prince William County Fairgrounds in Manassas, Virginia. Time: 9:30am - 4pm. *** RAIN OR SHINE *** --> PLEASE COME BUY MY STUFF!!! Time permitting, I may even make up some grab-bags of all that RIBBON I have so I can sell it to help pay for my table fee. ;-)

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  1. First trip to your blog but I love it so far! Your name is so my way of stamping too! LOL! The little "dot" things you're looking for are in the part of the store where the floral things are located. I found mine on a hanging strip! I know, don't hate me for enabling you! LOL! It's a fair return for the pink hedgehog enabling! LOL!


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