Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Kind Of Challenge - Candy With A Catch

Here's my idea: Since I have SO MUCH RIBBON now (see why in my previous post), instead of pure Blog Candy where I'd just plain give it away, I'd like to send you a piece of a particular ribbon with the challenge to make a card using that ribbon. Then you'll come back here and post a comment with a link to your card to show us all what you did. I think it would be very cool to see what each of you does within your own style of stamping given the same item as a starting point. Kind of like an inspiration challenge, except instead of a picture, you'll actually receive something to use. If you are a Scrapbooker or a 3-D sort of person, feel free to make something else instead of a card. I'm all for equal-opportunity, here!!!

I was just thinking - this is like Reverse Blog Candy! Instead of posting a comment and winning ribbon, you will all get the ribbon, but you have to USE it and post back!

Some of my ribbons are very wide, some have wild patterns, some have cool textures - you just never know which one I might pick!

There is only one rule: You must use at least part of the piece of ribbon on your card or item of choice. Other than that, it's an open field.

If you want to try this, please email me at with your snail-mail address so I can mail you your ribbon. There will be no time limit! To make it easier to find this post to show us what you did, I'll post a link in my right side-bar called Show Us What You Did that will link back to this post.

Sound like fun? I'll play, and I hope you will, too!

Update 04/18/2008: Here's my first two attempts with the ribbon.

This one came together in about 5 minutes after I saw Jen del Muro's SFYTT #6. I had the card stock and ribbon out, and the panels just worked for me. I cut the ribbon in half to get it narrow enough, and I put tape along the back edges so it would stop shredding!

I think I may have used this sentiment once since I got it, but I had it in mind for this layout. I colored it with markers. The Pretties Kit flowers are paired with the Rhinestone square brads (turquoise, of course.)

Sentiment, pretties kit flowers, brads and card stock by SU. Ribbon from my Ribbon Outlet stash.

This was actually the first layout I tried, and it took me a few days, because as usual, I layered the ribbon, then looked at it. And looked at it. Finally, after getting out the Pretties Kit for the second card (above) I took out the half-pearls and it just went together.

Please ignore that really bad embossed sentiment. I had good intentions, but the EP stuck to the whole background, even though I stamped that 24 hours before! What a mess ...

Card stock, sentiment, floral bg and pearls by SU. Ribbon from my Ribbon Outlet field trip.

If you want to play, just let me know and I'll send you some ribbon!


  1. Some people just have to give away what they can't use in 2 lifetimes!

  2. That is too funny - I swear I wasn't copying! Had I been checking back as often as I had hoped to I would have joined in when you posted this originally :) Let me know if you need my address again.

    I have yours and will send out some fun blue sparkle to see what you can come up with!


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