Friday, May 16, 2008

Interesting Week

Tonight I felt the need to blog, even though I have nothing much to show off. Lots of potential, maybe. It's all about potential. :-)

First up is a card I actually made tonight. It looks alarmingly similar to the one I posted last weekend, doesn't it? That's because I am a master of improvisation! Last week this was a "Dare to be Fabulous" card. But right now, tonight - this very night, I find myself running out of time to make some now-belated birthday cards for two of my customers with May birthdays. So I took the card and assembled it with a different sentiment, thusly:

Please excuse the pathetic photography, but I took down my 6' table, so I am reduced to functioning on only my Dining Room table. This is not so bad, except that it now holds all the 11x14 stamp mats, tool holders, baby wipe boxes, etc., so I am restricted to an 11x14 stamp area to accomplish everything creative, including taking photos. Sigh ...

So if I make the card on the birth date, but don't mail it until the next day, is it still belated?

Speaking of belated, I am hosting my Pot Luck group in the May/June time frame. That means I get to poll everyone to find one evening, usually a Saturday, that at least half of the people can make it to dinner. I warned them that tomorrow night was not in the running, because I know at least one person who would have suggested it. It's a wily bunch. Then I get to figure out how they will all fit in here, which is why I practiced by taking down my 6' table after my weekend workshops. It looks pretty roomy in here! Now all I need to do is figure out where to put all the s-crap piled up on my Living Room floor, and I'll be all set!

Okay, back to stamping, or at least inspiration. Back when I came clean about my recent Mike's ribbon episode, I showed you one I thought would go with Almost Amethyst and a yellow, probably So Saffron. Well, you know what? I was way off! Check this out:

This is the ribbon with Almost Amethyst and So Saffron. Judges? Ehhhhh! I realized the error of my ways as soon as I pulled out that Amethyst card stock.

Next up: So Saffron and Pale Plum:

This looks like a winner! I cannot wait to get started playing with these!

But wait! When I had all three papers side-by-each, the Amethyst looked blue, and I decided they kinda looked good together.

What do you think?

And my Viva Las Vegas Stamps arrived yesterday. Talk about potential! Check out a sampling of the sentiments I now own:

Think The Wizard Of Oz and you'll do fine.

This one had me laughing so hard I had to get it! I am not sure on what occasion anyone would send a card with this sentiment, but I'll work on that!

And last, but not least, is one that had "me" written all over it. :-)

So tomorrow I am going to be one of a handful of crafters participating in a City event. It is the first time they have done this type of event (I think it is a Gospel-type celebration), so no one knows what kind of turnout we'll have, but I am always up for supporting the City in its efforts to provide entertainment and activities for our community. Maybe I'll get some more people interested in coming to our Saturday Farmers Markets to buy veggies (and my cards!)

Sunday I plan to cross the river and go into Virginia to visit my LSS and pick up some stamps they ordered for me (more Rosie's Road Show!) and some other things I am sure I will need once I get there. ;-) I'll let you know how that goes.

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