Friday, May 2, 2008

Spot The Mistake! - Round 3

OMG, I've done it again! Can you believe there is another blatant boo-boo on my blog?!?! Sigh ...

Here's how you play: Find the mistake in my Panic post and post a comment back here as to what you think it is. As usual, you, my alert readers, will find mistakes I did not even know about, but that's okay! It's all about making things right.

And my contribution to making things right will be ... drum roll, please .... free RIBBON! Surprise! If I do not get rid of some of this ribbon I think my head will explode.

So go forth and parse and red-pen and whatever. You'll have until 6 pm EDT on Sunday, May 4th to post your answers. Between now and then I'll make up a non-scientific method for selecting a winner.

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