Monday, May 5, 2008

A Productive Sunday

I love it when my friend MB calls me and leaves little quotes on my voice mail while I am at work! Today's was one she read on a bumper sticker: "If the world didn't suck we'd all fall off." I guess you could look at it that way. Now all I need is an image of the world and I think I'll have another card for my "A Little Out There" section. Oh, darn, a reason to shop... ;-) I guess I shouldn't tell you I was online last night at Viva Las Vegas Stamps. Man, if you want out-there sentiments, they've got 'em! I'll be sure to share some of my must-haves when they arrive.

And since I listened to A Prarie Home Companion twice this weekend (I missed parts of it the first time it aired Saturday night), I got the chance to write down this one: "Beer is now cheaper than gas. Don’t drive – drink!" Some days, that sounds like a real good idea!

Okay, now for some stampin'. This first creation is a little over-the-top for me. I wanted to use the Wax Paper Resist (WPR) technique with the Ladies that come for my monthly classes, and I wanted to get it out of the way while it is still cool enough outside to fire up the iron and not be too hot in this very close space in which I live. So I played with the wax paper and glossy card stock, and made one that was just crumpled up wrinkley, and one that was folded to get a tie-dyed look. I would take photos of them, but they are lost right now. Somewhere on the table, if you know what I mean .... I also wanted to use the packs of Wild Wasabi pre-cut cards I got, and this is what came out:

I cut down the piece of Wild Wasabi card stock so the long end was 5 1/2". I had originally folded over the pre-scored flap, but I ended up cutting it off altogether.

This whole card just kindof evolved, one crazy step at a time. I liked the idea of black for contrast, so I stamped the flower from the Friendly Flowers set with black StazOn. Then I added the black card stock and ribbon. The sentiment was stamped on a piece of the WPR background, then punched out with the Key Tag punch. I punched another Key Tag out of black, cut it in half, and used it behind the sentiment. The cut-off edge looked too plain, so I added a strip of black card stock to emphasize the edge. The I went really wild and dusted off my Totally Tabs set, stamped it in StazOn on another piece of the background, punched it out with the Round Tab punch and attached it with black brads. Then I set it aside before I added anything else!!! Man, I do not know when to stop. But now, as I gaze at it from across the room, it is not so bad. At least we'll be able to play with wax paper and iron something besides clothing for a change.

This next card has allowed me to dip into my stash of In Color 12x12 textured card stock that I got multiples of so I had enough to go around. Finally I am using it! Yay!

Part of my justification for getting this Lovely Letters alphabet set was that it could be used for making monograms. (5/11 - ETA: As pointed out to me today by an alert customer, this is actually the Wild West alphabet, not Lovely Letters. I did finally pull out the right set today, mid-class ....) At long last I am getting around to doing that. I like using sets like this in workshops because people can personalize their cards.

I am also in loooove with that Forever Flowers wheel. I wheeled it in Chocolate Chip on white, then colored it in with Groovy Guava and Wild Wasabi. The scallop is Chocolate Chip, though it looks black here. I added a scrap of paper from Afternoon Tea behind the white and called it done! The Ladies will like it since it has no ribbon! I really like how this one came out!

About my photography skills, or lack thereof...The photographer at my Saturday market says it might be time for me to get a new camera. Ya think? He had just whipped out his emergency camera - the one he keeps with him "just in case" while he is out and about - to take a quick photo of something (radishes, I think ... we are a real wild and crazy bunch, ya know.) Anyway, that little pocket camera has twice the pixels as my "real" camera. So sad. I guess 3.2 Megapixels is passe, so I may need to upgrade. Apparently the default is at least 5 these days, and he thinks I should be able to get 7 without a major cash outlay. Oh, great, more things to spend my money on.

Well, I am off to make some more Mother's Day cards and also see if I can get some Whine journals made for this weekend. A girl can dream.

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  1. I had a 3.2 pixel camera also until we upgraded last month to a ... 12.1 I think. My old camera was purchased in May 2000- and still worked but my pics were just not as sharp as everyone else's pictures.


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