Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stampin', Storage, and a Science Experiment

Wow, what a rockin' day it's been! There's something about Spring, an all-too-elusive season here in the Mid-Atlantic area, that just puts me in a great mood. :-) Most years it goes from Winter straight to HH&H (Hazy, Hot & Humid), and it stays HH&H into September. But today was mild, sunny, cool, beeeeautiful! Just perfect!

Okay, enough about the weather. Let's get to some serious stuff. First up is the Science Experiment part of this post. I must confess, I go to the grocery store about once a month. I eat breakfast and lunch at work, most of the time I skip dinner, so there is not a lot of occasion for me to buy and consume food at home. A once-a-month trip to the grocery store suits me fine. But when I do shop, I need to remember to eat what I buy. If I forget, then I get Science Experiments.

Without reading ahead, what do you think this is (or was):

Got a clue? I put a quarter next to it to help you. Any guesses?
Time's up. It used to be a tomato. A full-size tomato, too. As soon as I discovered this poor, neglected piece of fruit this afternoon, I remembered that a few weeks ago I thought I needed to remember to put it out when I put out the trash. Guess what I forgot to do? Life around here is just so exciting! You never know what you'll find!

On to stampin'. In a continuing effort to use up the obscene pile of rub-ons I got during SU's Sale-A-Bration (I still liked the name Sell-A-Bration better, but I am just one of the Little People, so who cares what *I* think...), I keep trying new things. One of the Demo Challenges on SCS this week was to use Vellum on a card. Several people posted cards where they had embossed images on the vellum, then put it on a card front that had been stamped. A very cool look. So I thought I'd try using rub-ons on vellum and try the same layering thing.

Of course, I could not decide between Card Stock Vellum or regular Paper Vellum, so I ran a controlled test and made one of each.

I used the Olive rub-ons from the Sale-A-Bration rub-on packs on both pieces of vellum. Then I layered them on some striped paper from the Old Olive Designer papers. The Pretties flower is held on with an Artichoke brad. Actually, I used two brads: one in the flower and one in the rub-on to the right. These brads cleverly hold the vellum to the DS paper. My luck using vellum tape is pathetic - it always shows, or yellows over time, so I constantly seek different ways to make it stick without vellum tape. Today it was brads.

With the DS paper as the back of the layers, it was simple to use tape to stick it to the front of the cards (I used Old Olive card stock for the bases).

The first card above used the Card Stock Vellum, and this second card is identical except it uses the paper vellum. As far as opacity (learned that word from The Pioneer Woman's Photography section) or in laymen's terms "the see-through-it-ness", I like the paper vellum's weight much better.

You will notice there is no stampin' on these cards. Every once in a while I am okay with that. :-)

Sticking with the vellum theme, I had to take it a step further. Last year I made this card using white card stock as the bubble layer, so I thought I'd try it with vellum instead. And I've decided I like it better than boring old card stock. And I used a few inches of ribbon from my stash, too. Gotta love that!

On to Storage. Sometimes you've just got to get the storage solution from the people who make the product you are storing. I tried other ideas to organize all my Cuttlebug folders and dies, but it just wasn't working for me. So I caved and bought the Cuttlebug Storage bag and pages. What a great decision! They are (of course) perfection!

Here it is open to show you all the filled and happy pages.

And here it is closed. Isn't it cute?!?! Unfortunately, all my folders are not in there yet, and it is totally maxed out. So sad. These are obvioulsy not made for us (we) hoarders. I will probably have to buy another one.

Tonight I might finally watch the movie I got from Netflix about 7 or 8 weeks ago. I might have to stamp something, too. ;) We'll see.


  1. i love that frog card! i have a few sheets of cs vellum that i've been hoarding (we're a horde of hoarders, heh--YES, i know i'm a dork) but i think i'll try it in my cuttlebug

    thanks for sharing all the crap you share!

    i totally knew it was a tomato, not telling why

  2. What? Cuttlebug has a storage tote? I gotta have one. Thanks for enabling me :)

    I love both of your vellum cards! I love rub-ons too. I did not think I would at first, and now i am hoarding dozens of packages. LOL!


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