Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rainy Sunday

[Disclaimer: I am not whining! Okay, maybe I am, but do not misunderstand - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing classes, and I cannot imagine not doing them. I just need a 48-hour day to get it all done. Pesky Day Job.]

It's been a looooong weekend. It is workshop weekend, so naturally I was running behind ... way behind. Totally out of character for me, I had all the projects made up last weekend, but I left the making of the kits and clearing off of my tables until Saturday. Not too bad, except that it is Farmers Market season, which means I was not going to get started prepping until about 3:30 Saturday afternoon. I saw a long night ahead of me.

You know all that rain the rest of the country has had this week? Well, the East Coast finally got it. So there we were, all set up under the Pavilion and tents with our market wares, and barely a customer in sight. It was wet, breezy, chilly, and slow. Not the perfect market day, to say the least. The weather finally cleared mid-day, but the damage was done. They even had a street fair starting at noon, and we did not get a lot more customers. I sold two cards in 5 hours, the day before Mother's Day. I was depressed.

So to drown my sorrows and to work on something I do very well - creative avoidance, I stopped at Michael's (conveniently a few blocks away) to check out all this satin ribbon I kept reading about on SCS. I was hoping to find something I needed (yeah, right), but part of me was hoping I found nothing. Well, I found some very cool stuff, even though I did manage to exhibit remarkable restraint in the $1 section. I actually looked at the yardage on some of those spools, and $1 for 4 feet of ribbon is no deal; not when you can get 5 yards for $1.50. So yeah, I picked up some $1.50 ribbon instead of $1, but I got more bang for my buck.

For our first guilt-trip, here is some American Craft ribbon I decided I needed because I liked the colors and patterns. Will I ever actually use these? We'll see.

These next two pictures show the reasons I need to stay out of stores. I found these so different I just had to have them. The green & blue one has a white swirl on it that I found irresistable. Imagine that. The second ribbon's swirl is actually silver (remember who took the photo ...)

These are two color variations on the same pattern, and I just loved them. I see the purple one being used on Almost Amethyst card stock. Yum.

Then, of course, I needed to go to the Dollar Store to pick up more clothes pins to store all this ribbon. Oh, and I needed to put all the ribbon away (like I had room for it in here), so I did more creative avoidance and wound it all up and put in their respective By Color storage boxes.

Speaking of Amethyst, look what I did! I was cleaning up from my Mother's Day card-making craze, and also attempting to clear off my tables for my classes, when naturally I was distracted and stamped something, just to kill some time, ya know?

I just love white-embossing this flower from Fabulous Flowers. I had also mis-cut some black satin ribbon from my stash, so instead of trying to figure out how to put the pieces away, I thought I'd use them.

I got the layering idea from a card I saw in passing this week on someone's blog (if I find it again I'll post the link for full credit to be given). I kinda like how it turned out.

So my classes went well, but I did not fare as well. (Whine, whine, whine.) I guess the combination of lack of proper nutrition (I ate mostly cheese crackers all day Saturday), hard labor (clearing off tables, cutting card stock, vaccuuming, cleaning the bathroom - I need a wife), and being "on" for 6 hours did me in. I had a nasty headache brewing so I curled up on the couch, then I fell asleep. I woke up after 8, and the headache was much better. Naturally, I am now wide awake and it is past my bed-time. I am still not feeling quite right, so I'll see how I feel in the morning before I decide if I am work-worthy. Man, I really dislike feeling under the weather.

Speaking of which, it is still raining...excellent sleeping weather, so I think I'll give it a try.


  1. Pretty ribbon.

    48 hours of rain- just what I needed- our backyard is begging to be mowed.

    I like your card too.

  2. Love all the ribbon , especially the purple! Purple is an all time favorite of mine, so that card really strikes me as ...well...striking!

    Sorry to hear the farmers market was a bust. We had planned on doing some greenhouse hopping over the weekend but the thought of getting in and out of the rain,...was not appealing in the least! So I imagine your market shoppers felt the same. No fun! Though there may have been bargains to be had :)

    Hope you are feeling better. This has been the worse year for us and illnesses! Rain...eegads....this whole month so far has been rain, though today the sun is OUT !

    Hugs ♥


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