Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spot The Mistake - Round 3 --- We have a Winner!

Well, I only had one response, but she spotted a mistake I had not, so she is a winner! Even if she had not found a mistake, I'd give her a prize just for the attempt. ;-)

So Mary Dawn, send me your snail mail address and I'll send you your goodies. You can email me at I think I may have your address in the bowels of my In-Box, but you'd better send it again, just to be safe.

Mary Dawn's spotted mistake: I wrote I decided use these to make a bunch of quick cards instead of I decided to use these to make a bunch of quick cards. Yep, that's a good one.

The boo-boo I resisted correcting, however, was in the section where I talked about the Navy Blue card and how I put on the eyelets too far apart, except I referred to them as brads instead of eyelets. Oh, well, it was a piddly little mistake in a very long blathering of a post, and I would not want to read it more than once myself. ;-)

Time for bed, here. Gotta make my appearance at the Day Job in the morning. Tomorrow I'll show you a couple of the cards I made today in my "OMG, next weekend I have people coming over to make cards and I have no clue" frenzy of activity. I soooo stepped outside my comfort zone, too.


I'd love to hear what you really think! :-)

PS: I've had to disable Anonymous comments, because the spammers were killing me. If you are unable to comment, please email me your comment and I'll get it posted for you. Sorry. (stoopid spammers)