Thursday, April 15, 2010

CASE Central

Welcome to CASE Central, wherein I CASE myself and also a card from a magazine. There has been much discussion on the Interwebz on the question of the existence of any original ideas any more. If you blurf like I do, you see a bazillion cards in one day. I couldn't tell you that when I get an idea that it was 100% of my own doing or not - probably not. But when I CASE something, even if I have a copy of it right on my screen, I almost never copy it 100%. That would be a case (no pun intended) of stealing, not being inspired.

That said, I CASEd both of tonight's cards. The other night I made one of the cards from my Basic Grey Marrakech card kit and altered a little, and last night I made another one based on that one. Tonight, I used the remaining cut pieces of card stock to make this:

I added another paper flower from my stash, and went a bit wild and put a piece of pink bling in the center of it. Me likey!

Next, I happened to glance through my latest (and final) issue of Paper Crafts magazine, and saw a card I wanted to CASE for Mother's Day. I am very low on Mother's Day cards, and I need to get my act together. I needed something pretty and a little different, but easy enough to make more than one without wanting to chew off my arm. This is what came out:

I used the same layout as the card in the mag, right down to the same MS punch. I used a piece of paper from my stash (by crate papers, I think) and paired it with SU Naturals White. The ribbon is from my SABLE stash from my trip 2 years ago (or was it three) to the Ribbon Outlet. (omg)

Now, about that sentiment. I have several Mother's Day sentiments that would have worked here, but in my world, I try really, really, really hard to not have holiday-specific cards, because then after the holiday, I get to store them in a box for 11 more months. Nuh-uh. So I thought I'd steal the sentiment from the mag, which could work all year 'round, but is unfortunately not a stamp I own. So I futzed a while with the computer trying to find a font I liked, and a color I thought would work, and a size that would be easily die-cut, and I finally cancelled the whole 'puter thing and said, "Heck, I'll just write it!" So I did*. I used my Bermuda Bay marker (gotta love the In Color markers, huh?) and die-cut it with one of my NEW NESTIES! Oh, yeah, baby! I got three new sets. la la la

Then the sentiment didn't fit nicely on the card, so I went totally out of control and turned the card horizontally so I could place the sentiment where you see it above. SCORE! I love it! Okay, maybe I'm not in love with my handwriting, but I think the idea has merit, which is good, because I have papers cut for 5 more of these cards.

I consider this a productive stampy session, wouldn't you agree? I'm pretty happy about the whole episode.

Tomorrow I'll finish up the other 5 copies of that Mom card and then try to eek out yet another creation from the grey matter between my ears. Aaaand, tomorrow is Friday, which means the next day is Saturday, and Saturday I'm driving to Charolettesville, VA, to have a tweet-up with one of my Tweeps from Lynchburg! Yay! Can't wait!

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

*And it's a good thing I decided to write the sentiment by hand, since my printer is dead due to lack of a replacement Cyan ink cartridge. That would have been a sad, sad moment, indeed.


  1. Yawn ! not your's after 2 am and I am trying to catch up on some blog reading.... Love the marrakech cards you've been making.
    Have a great time with your tweeple.
    Tell them I said hello.

    Now let's see if i've got my identity straightened out.

  2. Okay, so now you are just showing off how well you use those flowers with BG papers. When yu are in Charlottesville, go by Bodo's Bagels and eat a bagel or bagel sandwich for me :) YUMMY!!!


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