Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Rest Of The Kit

Tonight I bring you the rest of my Basic Grey Marrakesh Kit cards. I made a few changes on these, so I will first show you the picture from the card kit as to what they wanted me to do, then I'll show you what I actually did instead. My changes were very minor this time.

The first glaring photo is of the Basic Grey "just a reminder" card:

... and here is my version:

I lost the chipboard elephant, moved the layers around a little, chose to not do the white faux stitching, changed the sentiment (who sends a reminder card except the dentist, the eye doctor, or the Vet?), and added a few of the extra rub-ons.

Here is Basic Grey's "way 2 go" card:

... and here is my version:

The only thing I changed was the sentiment. Oh, and I put the orange strip of paper under the striped piece. I'm living dangerously, here ... The reasons I changed the sentiment are: (1) I hated intensely disliked it, (2) it seemed flimsy, (3) I lost misplaced the 'y' and the 'g'', and (4) I felt like being a rebel. The rub-on I used is from the stash I finally found in my 2004 Road Trip scrap book 'finish this some day' box of stuff. I actually rescued several sheets of Class A Peel sentiments from there, too.

Here is Basic Grey's "Elephant Card":

... and my version of the card:

The only thing I changed was adding the sentiment. Oh, and I skipped the faux stitching, too. Ya know, I think elephants are for remembering, not for luck. Oh, well, I like the card anyway.

This next one I did exactly as instructed, so there's no BG version of this photo:

Okay, I lied. I added the ribbon and a sentiment, but I just now added that sentiment. It looked like it needed one.

And finally, I bring you my favorite of the bunch. Here is BG's serving suggestion:

... and here is my version:

I got all crazy and put the orange flower thing on the left instead of on top of the right-side design, and I hated intensely disliked the original sentiment, so I replaced it with more of the provided rub-ons.

Speaking of rub-ons, the one thing I really like about these kits is you get so many extra rub-ons! Look what I've got left:

Now that I've played with the Marrakesh papers, I might have to find and break open my own 6x6 pack and actually use them. And I can use these rub-ons with them! Yay!

In other news, today was a crazy-busy errands day. While I waited for the oven repair guy to arrive, I cleaned up from my Stamp Camps , did a load of laundry, and paid some bills. After he repaired the stove (another story for another time) I packed up some stuff that needed to be returned, then I actually left the house and went to UPS, then stopped at the City Rec Center to turn in my apps for my two (TWO) Farmers Market permits, and filled up the car with petrol on the way home (not the inside of the car, the gas tank... sigh). The only things I did not get done were: make a few appointments, stop at Chloe's to re-stock my cards, and buy food. There's always tomorrow after work.

I think I'll go craft some more. I may even break out some of my new SU Summer Mini goodies so I can give you guys another sneak peek tomorrow. Then I may get some Chinese take-out. I'm hungry.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. They're beautiful!!

    I <3 Marrakech!

    So you like the kits??


    WV: Crittemo - like, I gotta give the crittemo food or he shrieks.

  2. I like your changes. My changes to the kits are a little more subtle, but I make some changes too. I am still a BG kit fan, though I am on my last kit (Lemonade)...in fact I just made 4 of the 8 cards this past week. I did get a BG Origins kit at Angela's a few months ago, but I made and sent those cards already. I need the kits from time to time to jump start my mojo and when I am too tired to use my own brain :)

    I am anxious to see the new summer SU stuff!!!

  3. ooh!!! I love those papers! The elephant cards are by far my faves though <3

    hmmm. must look for Marrakesh paper...

  4. Leslie, I just have to tell you (because I LOVE elephants and I think you'll appreciate the trivia) that elephants are for good luck - but traditionally, only the ones with trunks held upward. Great cards - your changes were all improvements, as always. :)


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