Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings

[Disclaimer: Please brace yourself for a wild ride. I seem to jump from topic to topic without any warning.]

I made a card! Yeah, it's a LOT like the last bulldog card I made, but this one only has one bulldog on it, and in the process of making them I used up almost all the pieces of paper I'd hacked! Yay!

I decided to leave the dog un-colored, partly because I'm lazy, but also because when I looked up bulldogs on the Interwebz I saw there were all-white ones, too, so that's my story - it's an all-white bulldog variety. Okay, I did put a little pink on the muzzle, but the rest is just white (or off-white - whatever). These guys just need to be bagged and tagged, then they'll be ready for sale. The markets start May 1st, and my inventory is really sorry right now.

Next I have a glaringly-poor photo of my puzzle-a-day calendar page:

Why did I take this pic, you ask? Are those not the most hideous colors? One of my co-workers gags every time she sees it. Fortunately every 10 pages or so the paper color changes, but for about 10 days we've been subjected to this. Ugh.

More stuff from the Asylum tour!
This is a wing (and the right arm of the costumed tour guide) from the Civil War era. Below you can see a closer view of the stones:

The stones were all hand-cut and placed. You can also see the level of dis-repair - the place is in really bad shape.

At the top of one of the buildings are some gargoyles:

There were actually several places on the buildings that had these. I'm sure there's some significance to them, but it escaped me.

Now, I bring you the coup of the whole tour! Check out this sweater:

It was COLD in the building (no heat), and we were told to bring jackets. I, of course, didn't need one since I run hot anyway, but this woman had the best sweater! The front also had cats on it, but it would have been tougher to get an on-the-sly shot of that, so I settled for the back. (hee hee)

Okay, I'm off to try and salvage my failed crafty attempt from last night. I hope to bring you a success story very soon.

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  1. That bull dog stamp is so cute!! You could get @understandblue to felt you some kitties to put on a sweater!!

  2. bulldog card...glarey larey colors...insane asylum...gargoyles...cat sweater. check.

    ok, so *WHEN* does it get weird then??!??!??! :) :) :)

    ps: wv=NESSESSE! ♥


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