Saturday, April 10, 2010

Creative Avoidance = Two Cards!

Today is Panic Day. Yep, my Stamp Camps are tomorrow, and even though I've had the projects made for a while now, I have done nothing (zero, none, nada, bupkis) to begin to prep for tomorrow. No card stock cut, no table set up, no supplies double-checked, no kits assembled, no tape dispensers refilled. NOTHING! But I DID make some cards! Yep, I am the Queen of Creative Avoidance.

I made two more cards from that one piece of Graphic 45 paper. Yes, I am still working on one stinkin' piece of paper. I suspect I will soon have nightmares over this one.piece.of.paper. Here's the first one:

In real life, the papers match perfectly. They should, since they came out of the same paper pack. I'm just sayin' ...

And then it took me about an hour to make this one:

And then after I took the picture, I went back and added a knot of the ribbon:

I think it still needs something more horizontal, or in the top left corner, but for now I call it DONE.

I also bagged and tagged all the cards I've made in the last month, and it came out to quite a few! I may be more ready for my May 1st market than I thought I was. Or not. I have 72 slots in my new card rack to fill. I'd best keep going.

In other news, I'm ready to head out to eat with BR#2 - gonna have us some RIBS !!!! Then I'll come home and try to get ready for tomorrow. I have much to do.

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