Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Love You

Here's another card I made using the Love Languages stamp set from the new Simon Says Stamp release:

Funny story: I was at a friend's house when I first played with this set, and while looking for a piece of patterned paper, I discovered this one. It's a piece of (gah) pink from PTI, and it was in a pile of all the pink card stock I gave her since she loves all things pink. So yeah, I used it.

My idea with this stamp was it's Braille, and wouldn't it be cool to emboss it so it was raised? I don't know if it's raised enough for a blind person to read it, but wouldn't that be cool if it was? You could give a card to a blind person! (That was my going-in position, anyway.)

I'll be back later with another card from the release, and maybe even one I've made in addition to the release stuff. Could happen.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: PTI card stock, vat of clear embossing powder, and the following:


  1. I like that you tried to make the braille blind-friendly. That's a neat idea and duh.... OF COURSE the braille has to be raised now everybody from hence forth with this stamp set has to emboss it. I laughed that you used a piece of paper you gave your friend. Don't friends always have the better paper?! Never mind that it came from us to start with.....!

  2. What if you used some glossy accents on the Braille dots? I like the clean and simple look of it.


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