Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Too Much Happy

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Sarah Moerman has pulled herself out of her mojo funk by checking out Pinterest, and she's decided to challenge herself to make a card based on inspiration she finds there. Then she challenged us to play along. Well, you know me and challenges, right? So I played her first challenge:


and I made this:

Because I'm good at taking one for the team, please let me explain ... First, I now see the green in my card is not aqua enough, or at all. Second, I did start out with die-cut chevrons or maybe it was ric-rak, but it's now in the trash - not even pretty trash. Third, I cheated and went with some washi tape that had a chevron in it, even though I mounted the white panel upside down on the front of the card. I really, really did have the arrows pointing in the other direction until then. 

Fourth, the sentiment is embossed, but you can't tell from my crack photography skillz. Fifth, I added green and salmon (it is NOT pink!) sequins to fit in a third color. And sixth, I had an unfortunate mystery mark on the bottom of the white panel that refused to be covered up or scraped off, so I added MORE sequins (clear, so as not to overwhelm) to hide it, but I think you can still see the boo-boo.

I'm done.

I think you should play her challenge. :)

Thanks for stopping by. 

Products used: Riley & Co sentiment, vat of clear embossing powder, and the following:


  1. Yay! Great card! It sure looks like aqua on my phone. :) Love the sentiment, design, and fun sequins. Your explanation made me giggle. Thanks for playing along. :)

  2. Repeat after me: I MEANT to do that!

    P.S. Your card is awesome and you rocked this new challenge!

  3. I think you rocked the challenge. I love the washi tape and the sequins are perfect.

  4. All the disclaimers that came with your card made me chuckle. I do think that one odd clear sequin down there does look a bit off but hey, it is what it is. I thought the green/aqua color was close enough to call it good. I did say, "HEY PINK!" when I spotted your rebellious additional color. I'll take that back now and replace it with, "HEY SALMON!" Great card though!


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