Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SOS #140: Heavy Metal

It's Tuesday, and time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week's theme is Heavy Metal, and we ask you to use something metallic on your project, either bought or hand-made.

My idea for the metal on my card came about as I was unpacking a few boxes last week. Along the way, I was either giving things to a friend who was over, or I was putting the box contents away. Well, maybe I should say I was putting the contents in the vicinity of where the various objects would eventually live.

One of those objects was a small, unopened container of photo brad ... thingies. These:

The container landed on my desk, to be used for today's challenge. There were 10 of the little buggers in there, and I used 5 of them before I went a bit nuts. I put the remaining ones away.

I went in search of some paper with most of these colors in them, and decided upon my Basic Grey What's Up 6x6 pad. I selected a now-expired sketch from Retro Sketches:

and I got to work. Here is the first card I made:

There was a lot of stash-diving happening here. First, the brad thingies. But wait - there's more! That twine was also in one of the boxes I unpacked, and I used up most of it. yay!

Also, that sentiment? Back in the day before every company had their own thin dies, and Spellbinders was the only game in town, I collected Spellbinders. Then stamp companies started to come out with stamps that coordinated with various Spellbinders dies, and who was I to pass up an opportunity to collect something?!?!?! This set is from Stamping Scrapping, and it coordinates with the Spellbinders Ribbon Tag Trio dies (or so it says) S-4234. It's been so long, I just believe them at this point.

I didn't use the dies, but I did use the frame from the set. I decided to use the script "you" from the Simon Says Stamp You set, even though it slopped out of the frame a bit. I tried to clean off the ends of the image and stamp it just inside the frame, but that was a disaster, so I gave up.  The rest of the sentiment is from the same You stamp set.

Now, about that heart. I cut it from one of the What's Up papers, then about 8 times out of scrap cream card stock, then stacked them all up until it was about as tall as the sentiment that's popped up on dimensional adhesive. I even colored the edges, it was so thick:

(wow, almost in focus, even. almost. okay, no, it's not.)
I made 4 more cards to use up the other 4 colors of brads:

Oh, look, the heart on the bottom left card decided to tip over. Lovely.

The top two are like the first one I made, just with different papers. For the bottom two, I was getting a little stabby about the size of the paper piece: 3.75 x 3.5. You see, you can only get one of these from a piece of 6x6 paper, which kindof defeated my purpose, so the paper on these two is only 3" wide. You see a lot more of the card base, but I'm really quite okay with that.

So, do you have some metal laying around the ole craft room that needs to disappear? I think you should play along with us over at Shopping Our Stash: Heavy Metal. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: misc brads; misc twine; Basic Grey What's Up 6x6 paper pack; stamped frame from a set I got through Stamping Scrapping, but they don't seem to have as many Spellbinder coordinating sets any more; hole punch that might be older than I am; misc cream card stock for the heart layering effort; and the following:


  1. I have some of those thingies too! Somewhere. Your cards rock! Love your take on that sketch and the stacked hearts element!

  2. Nice job on the card, love your used of the metal thingies. I had two out to use and forgot, probably didn't have room anyway. Great take on the sketch too.

  3. Good use of the brad thingies. I have some of those somewhere, too, and never could do anything with them.

  4. Ohhhhhhh I love those photo brad thingies! I am pretty sure I MUST have some somewhere!

  5. I'm sure I have some metal lying around somewhere and you are absolutely right that it needs to disappear. I don't tend to you metal things on my cards because of the bulk and the weight, but I do realized (now seeing your card) that it doesn't all have to be big and bulky and lots of it (like Alica's card although I think that is fabulous, can you image how much it weighs?!). I like your fun little bunch of cards.

  6. Oh my gosh you're making me laugh! Photo brad…thingies….I would so say that! It's been so long I just believe them at this point…that's funny!! These are great cards! Fabulous job!

  7. Great thingy management, and nice used of the sketch.

  8. I love how they look like they're hanging with the twine! And omg, I had to laugh at the tipped heart. That one's just the alcoholic uncle of the bunch :)

  9. AWESOME use of the photo brad thingies!!! (which i think i HAVE some of, and have no idea how i got them; i've also never known what to do with them, but i do NOW, ta v much!!!) :)

  10. Great set of cards, and a fabulous way to use all those metal ribbon tabs! Gotta love all the time and trouble you went to for that great heart embellishment too!


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