Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Card Blockage

I am in the midst of a serious creative blockage. I made a card and it came out nothing like I'd imagined it. Don't you hate it when your idea does not work when ink hits card stock? Yeah, me, too. So the little guy is over at Stamping Critique being, well, critiqued, then modifed by moi, then re-posted and critiqued again. Go check it out and see the progress! And feel free to comment, too! I need all the help I can get ... As soon as I feel I have it juuuust right, I'll post it here. But not until then!

So as I wander around in here, I do a little moving of Stuff, then mosey back to look at The Card, then I move something else. It is very boring and very non-productive.

Remember I told you I had 10 people coming over for dinner on Saturday, and that I needed to find my Living Room floor? Well, I started that project, and I even sent out the REMINDER email to everyone. HAHAHA on ME! Dinner is not until the 28th! Phew! So I called off the panic and I am moving stuff around instead of actually putting it away. Hey, I have a WHOLE EXTRA WEEK now to do that, so why do it now when I can put it off until this time next week?

One of the things going on at the same time as the aforementioned panic was a temporary cube move at work. They were replacing the carpet squares under our cubes, so we had to be gone, along with anything breakable. Or heavy. And all that stuff on the floor had to go, too. So since I have 17 years of stuff in my cube, I had a bit of work to do. To try and work on the box content, I took home all the books I never use any more. I used two of the moving boxes they gave us and packed 'em up, with plans to get some plastic storage boxes for the books and haul them out to my storage unit. Yesterday I got some plastic boxes and moved the books out of the cardboard boxes. So where am I going with all this blah, blah, blah?

Anyone with a cat knows that boxes = FUN! And boy, has she had fun with these new additions to our Living Room! Then she got tired.

You know, it must be tough being a cat. You have to get up in the morning and make an appearance in the Bathroom and get your morning hug. Then you have to point out that your water and food bowls are not completely topped off. You get a few treats, then once The Staff has left for work, and you have the whole place to yourself, you nap.

Then mid-day you have to move to the Living Room and follow that sun beam, getting up and moving with it as the hours pass. Finally, you need to find some place in the other room to sleep off all that exertion, so when The Staff returns home, you can meet her at the door and check out any boxes that were delivered and rub your stink all over them to make them yours.

After all that, it is time for a nap to rest up before bed.

Here you can see she decided that sleeping while vertical was not a good idea, so she curled up in the box instead. What a tough life.

Oh, back to stampin', I got accepted by another Farmers Market which is held on Sunday's. I have said in the past that I often find myself saying on Monday's that I need a weekend from my weekend, so can you imagine what I have committed to? I think *I* should be committed. But seriously, I have heard very good things about this market, and I already told them I cannot do every Sunday since I already do a Saturday market, and they are cool with that. One of the things I have heard is there are food vendors, and one of them sells BBQ. Can you say, "Bingo!"? :-) I'll see how it goes this weekend and report back.


  1. Your cat is adorable sleeping in the moving box! Congrats on being accepted to another farmer's market.

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