Friday, June 27, 2008

Do They Make A 13-Step Program?

I've heard of 12-step programs, but I think I may need something a little more intensive. Earlier this year I invested in all the Nestabilities. The whole shebang - all the circles, squares, ovals and rectangles, both plain and scalloped. Hey, it was a 'deal' if you got them all!

Then I tried a few of them in my Cuttlebug, and I decided I really did not need them after all, so I sold them on SCS. Talk about a 3-ring circus! I had so many emails in my PM mailbox, it filled up! And I was going to the PO every night for about a month. I finally sold all of them, recouped almost all of my initial expenditure, and I made a lot of people very happy.

Then I got this special order for some cards last weekend, and I sat down last night to make them. I got them all done, right up to the little scallop tags, when I realized after several minutes of searching and trying several of my punches and searching some more, that I'd made the nicely-nested scallops ... with my Nestabilities. Aaaaaaaugh!!!!!

So guess what I did today? Can you think what it might be? Hmmmmmm? Yep - I bought all the Nestabilities again. CRAZY, I know!!!! But now I simply must use them, or I'll never live it down.

Next up: Will the Crooked Stamper cave and buy the Scor-Pal? Stay tuned! You just never know!


  1. now that is just too funny! You better be sure to use them this go-round, and love them while you are at it!!!! Maybe you can sell some pre-cut shapes to help recoup the cost? Either way though, can't wait to see what you do with your NEW Nestabilities! ;)

  2. i'm pretty sure i need the scorpal...i'm not sold on ALL the nestabilities, but i want the circles and the's a disease, i'm sure of it

  3. Gee.......
    shoulda sold 'em to me. Then you coulda borrowed them back.
    When I wanted them, you convinced me that I did not NEED them.

    (But .... you were right ...I would have never used them )
    sorry you had to buy them again.
    Maybe I'll borrow them someday.


  4. Leslie, you crack me up! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of projects done with Nesties... LOL Have a great day~

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  6. I have the Scor-Pal...some nestabilities but I CRAVE the ovals. LOL!

  7. Oh no! I'm dying!
    I want a Scorpal- I'll be interested to hear what you say about it- I know you'll buy it!

  8. I've been fighting the urge to buy them myself. I mean, don't I have enough stuff? (**heavy sigh**) I think I will have to ask for them for my birthday and for Christmas. I need the ovals and the circles, and...

  9. I'd settle for a scallop circle punch. Or even a plain circle...scallop rectangle..hmm...maybe I need it all!

    I certainly like the looks of the Scor-pal and I need all the help I can get!


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