Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DC-Area Driving, Revisited

I have previously posted my interpretation of the DC-area driving laws. I feel most qualified to do this, having driven these roads for 20+ years, 17+ of those in my current daily commute. These laws were summarized here, and they still hold true.

But today I've decided to expound on the good things about DC-area traffic. Yes, you read that right - there are a few good things, or at least predictable things, about our traffic. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Federal Holidays. Living spitting-distance from our Nation's Capital, we have the singular pleasure of commuting with Federal workers. So when there is a Federal Holiday, none of those people get out of bed, so they are not on the roads. Sweet.

2. School Holidays. When the schools are closed, traffic is much reduced. So a snow day, or a Teacher In-Service Day ... whatever, means none of the busses are running, none of the parents are driving their kids, none of the High School kids are driving, and most of the myriad of Private Schools are also closed. Sweet.

3. Federal Holidays where the Schools are also closed. Read 1 & 2 above. Sweeeeeeet.

4. School is out for the Summer. This is about 100 strung-together #2's from above.

5. August. Washington, DC was built on a swamp; there is a reason Congress recesses in August. For locals, that means we can finally get a seat at a lot of usually-booked-up restaurants. For commuters, that means none of the members of Congress or any of their staffs are driving to work when we are. Yay! August is also the biggest vacation month of the year here (Washington was built on a swamp, remember?), so most people leave town for a week or two in August. Double-Yay!!

6. Friday's in the Summer (especially in August). With the popularity of tele-commuting (except with my Company), and with Friday being the most popular day for people to take off or work from home, the roads on Summer Friday's are like ghost towns. Or maybe like normal traffic in other parts of the country. All I can say is I love 'em! I can actually get up to 55 mph on the expressway on a Friday in the Summer!

Now for the most hated day of the year: Labor Day. Don't get me wrong...I love the Monday off. But what is the day after Labor Day in most areas? The first day of school. Can you say, "commuter's nightmare"? But today, I am just sooo happy it is Summer in our Nation's Capital. I can get up late and still be at work early. Ya gotta love it!


  1. This is why I live out in the sticks!

  2. Glad it's you and not me!

    I can't stand idiotic drivers.

  3. I agree except for the 100 days off for schools. There are only 74 days of no school traffic in this area.
    Last day of school - June 12th
    First day of school - August 26th
    By Labor Day ALL the schools are up and running. Not like when we were kids and the school year ended in May and started after Labor Day.

    But you are right about how school being out definately makes driving around alot easier.
    I can get to Angela's Happy Stamper in less than 30 minutes from home. Now thats SWEET !

    Reader #2

  4. My Dearest Beloved Reader #2,

    I guess being in the Pool Mgt biz you would be anal-y cognizant of the start and end dates of the school year! LOL!

    So how IS Angela? I am still working on my last two trips worth of goods I bought there, so I am well-stocked for a long while. ;-)


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