Friday, June 20, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

Remember that card blockage I had the other day? Well, the lovely ladies over at Stamping Critique made enough great suggestions that I finally got a clue. Here's what I ended up making:

I think it came out just fine. :-)

Before the blockage set in, I'd made this one; all by myself, too! This one is much closer to the original one I'd cased from the May Stamp Of The Month over at Cornish Heritage Farms, so it was a little less challenging than the one above. Sometimes it just happens that way, ya know?

I have my Saturday and Sunday Farmers Markets this weekend, so tonight and tomorrow evening I'll be doing a lot of watercoloring! I've made a bunch of these:

I made some for both the markets, each with the name of the respective town. I should be quite occupied - I think I have about 100 of these waiting for me ... I guess I'd best get started. :-)


  1. I love how your cards turned out.

    BTW- not much exciting at the ribbon store yesterday... but it is always fun to go in there. There was a newbie going through the 10 cent bins and she asked me "is this really only 10 cents?" LOL


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