Monday, June 23, 2008

Old Reliables

I have only been stamping for a little over 5 years, and I have to say that I feel each year I grow as a stamper. I learn new techniques, I learn a little more about techniques I already know, I find new stuff ... it is all a journey. ('Journey' - man, I do crack myself up sometimes!) So it is a rare thing for me to go back into the archives and re-make a card from several years ago. That's years with an 's'.

But this baby is a card-maker-who-sells-her-stuff blessing:

Not only is it a cool card, it works for so many different occasions. I have it in the Sympathy section, but I pulled it out twice this weekend when people asked for a Sympathy-but-not-like-someone-died card. I think both were intended for people going through some kind of personal crisis, and my customers were looking for something a litte more than a Thinking Of You card. They both loved this one, and I am now out of them. Sold out!

So I did what I almost never do: I went back into the ole archives and made some more. I even pulled out last year's In Color card stock and inks to make it happen. I just love this combination of Vintage Violet, Marigold Morning and Very Vanilla, and the inks just go so well together (Cranberry Crisp, Marigold Morning, Buckeroo Blue and True Thyme.) See? Hoarding can be a good thing!

The stamps are by Endless Creations, and I got them at a LSS a few years ago. I believe they are keepers!

Now for a radical change of topic, this guy is a total experiment:

I have so many of the A Muse building stamps that I felt compelled to try and use them. During my Brownstone Marathon this past weekend I had a few of these retired (and hoarded) Raised-Edge Note Cards left over, so I played and this is what came out. I am not lovin' it so much, but I think it has potential. I've only made a few, so I'll test the waters this weekend to see what the shopping populace thinks. I'll call it Market Research. ;-)

By the way, all these photos are crooked because I am working in about an 8"x8" stamping space, and it doubles as my photography spot. To take the photos I kinda have to lay my head down on one side and take the picture cockeyed. There you go - cockeyed pictures! There is only so much I can do with the tools I have. Please bear with me. I thank you.


  1. I love the first one! It says so much and so simply and elegantly! It is a great card! I'd make more of them too!

    The other one I like also... I think it's pretty! I don't know anything about the town, whether it's fitting or not but, they would certainly make nice note cards in a set! I bought some like that with lighthouses and ?? a city name on them in a set.

  2. i really like the city street card, but i have a suggestion--stamp the buildign with an awning, then mask it and stamp the other building as close to it as you stamp the other buildign with the straight sides...i can type building i swear RME

  3. Ooooh! Mask the awning - of course! I'll have to try that!

  4. I love your sympathy card! A definite keeper!!!

    I also really like the A Muse card. I'll bet you will like it too if you walk away from it and come back. At least that happens to me sometimes. It is a really nice card too.

  5. both of your cock-eyed cards are great! I really like the layout of the sympathy card and the design for the second card is perfect for the "we've moved" cards I am going to have to make when I have access to my stamps again!


I'd love to hear what you really think! :-)

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