Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Careful What You Ask For ...

Be careful what you ask for! Famous last words, right? Many posts ago I offerred up a different kind of challenge where I'd send you a piece of ribbon and you'd have to use it and post back here what you did with it.

Well, about that same time, HeatherP over at RibbonsAndInk was offering up the exact same challenge! So we swapped ribbon and went to work. This is what she made with my ribbon. Pretty cool, huh?
This is the ribbon I received from her:

It is blue and the edges are sparkly. It actually goes irridescent when you move it around. Very cool, but also very challenging to actually USE. But that is the whole point, is it not?

When I first opened the envelope, my thought was to somehow make this into a flower, so I did this. I found I was incapable of holding all eight pieces of ribbon at one time, so I ended up skewering the individual folded petals on my paper piercer. Word of caution, just in case you might try to do this same skewering technique: the easiest way to get the buggers off the skewer is to first put a 1/2-punched circle of card stock on the skewer, then the ribbon, so you'll have something to grab onto to slide the stack off the skewer. Got that? Good!

The petals are held together with a Build-A-Brad, on which I stuck an image from a PSX alphabet set inked in Brilliant Blue.

I did originally have this on a card, but it went South very fast. I added and added, then took away and took away, and ended up with just this flower and lots of sad scraps in my trash. Ach, it was too fat to mail, anyway! Bah! Moving on ...

... I made the same flower but with flat petals instead. Not sure I like it, but I have plenty left to play with. ;-)

The edges of the card are inked with balled-up plastic wrap tapped in some Brilliant Blue ink. The image under the flower is from SU's Baroque Motifs.

So then I got a query from one of my beloved two (maybe three) readers, and she wanted to ... send me some ribbon! Ack! Like I need more ribbon!!! But we collectors never have enough, do we? So I took her challenge, and yesterday I received this:

Lots of possibilities, here! I'll have to think on it, along with the other stuff, and I'll get back with you when I become enlightened. Hey, Sunday I made baby cards, so you just never know when it will hit me. ;-)

Oh, and let us not forget this baby:

This was handed to me by HeatherS as we rummaged through our free Grab Bags of ribbon after our trek to the Ribbon Outlet. She challenged me to use it on a card. See, I have not forgotten! I ... um ... er ... maybe do not know exactly where in The Other Room this little thing of ribbon might be hiding ..... I am sure I will stumble across it one of these days. :-)

Well, the rain is a-comin' down, so I think I'll shut down the laptop and go play with my stamps and ink. I can do that by candle-light, if need be. ; -)


  1. That blue ribbon is really pretty but I can see how it would be challenging to use!

  2. I think the ribbon flower is quite pretty, especially on the card. You can even see some of the shimmer to it.

    Here ribbon, ribbon, ribbon, come out wherever you are :)

  3. Make that a beloved 3-4 readers. You have me hooked on your blog and I just found you this week. I love the 3 purses card, and your ribbon flowers are elegant.
    I am looking forward to your next post :)

  4. great flower! I can see how that would be too big to mail but would make a nice decoration on a gift bag or wrapped gift :) Maybe I'll try two or three or ten with the ribbon I have left (hee!)


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