Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Lazy Sunday

It is simple. It is plain. It is pretty. It is all I have managed to make in the past 24 hours. I have been a total slug today, including a rare 2-hour accidental nap. But man, did I feel good when I woke up! I even showered and everything!

So let's look at what I've accomplished. First, there is no magic to making those leaves come out in a circle. Since I am incapable of making them into a circle without a lot of help, here is my secret:

I drew a circle! Here I just used the inside of my ever-present roll of mini glue dots, but you can use any round shape that is handy.

I have one of those finger lever punches with a tiny maple-looking leaf that I use to make these. I recall in past years I've been able to punch out card stock, but a few strained thumb muscles and choice loud words later, I realized it wasn't happenin' this time around.

See that leaf? Interesting color, non? Interesting texture, too. Yes, I tried to sharpen the punch by punching some sand paper. See:

I decided they were too pretty to discard, and since I'd given up on the brown card stock, they stayed in the mix. The other colors are mostly patterned papers. MUCH easier to punch!

Here is one of my finished wreaths. See that gap that the red arrow is showing you? That is NOT a mistake. Oh, nononono, that is where I must now place the bow! My craft even gives me clues! :-)

Ta-da! My finished card. The card bases are from a multi-pack of pre-scored card stock (all greens, of course) that I found in my stash. I actually have two packs of the greens. The sentiment is from the PTI Quilting set, stamped in Artichoke craft ink and embossed with clear EP. (If someone knows a way to keep the card stock from warping when embossed, please let me know. It flattens out in the envelope, but still. )

Here's a close-up of the finished wreath. I have included it here mostly because it is actually in focus, and that is so rare in my world.

That is ALL I have done, really! Okay, I've cleaned a few stamps because I am working in such a small area now that I MUST keep it cleaned up or stampin' space quickly disappears. But besides that, pretty much a sluggish day all around.

Oh, to answer a question about the bookmarks: I made the ribbon between the top and bottom embellishments between 11 and 12 inches, so the ribbon itself was cut longer than that. I started with 14+ inches to give me room to tie the knot on the one end. I tied my knot last, but if you were smart, you could tie it first, then deal with the length and where to cut it and where to put the top embellishment. I just now, this very second, thought of that. AFTER I made a bazillion of them of all different lengths. So don't be like me, okay? Okay!

On that note, I might go make something else this evening. It means I'd need to get off the couch, but if I do get off the couch, I'll definitely go straight to the craft table. Promise.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Watch for news on the upcoming Cyber Monday etsy specials with which I'll be involved. As of now we plan to offer a freebie from each of our shops for each minimum order of $20 from any one of us. Kindof like the "free gift with minimum purchase" offered at some cosmetic counters. More details to follow. You can check the #mimosaclub tag on Twitter if I fail to materialize soon enough for you. ;-)


  1. i am by no means an expert, but heating the paper from the back has helped me with the warping issue

  2. Very pretty leaf wreath card! I may steal this from you one day soon :)

  3. yet another way we are alike: we think of the clever easy way to do something when we're trying to essplain it someone else! :) (i'm SO PLEASED someone besides me does that!!!)

    this is an excellent design, not least b/c of the handy tip to DRAW THE SHAPE one is assaying...and the sandpaper leaves are BRILLLLLLLIANT! (stay tuned for c-bug essperiments involving sandpaper in future!)

    i read online somewhere to sharpen punches by punching aluminum foil (which...again...the shapes might well be COOL!) and then to punch waxed paper to make them glide better. dunno if it really works but figured i'd pass it along...


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