Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A 'Fall' Card is Born

First, let me begin by saying that Blog Hop yesterday was a-ma-zing! Over 60 bloggers participated, and it was so much fun! Too bad it was for a very sad situation, but hopefully she feels the love. And she will be getting a bazillion cards, too! If you have no idea about what I am blathering, please go here and read all about it. This site tells the sad story and gives all the links you need. And you can play, too! Just comment on the blog and you are good to go! Or don't comment - just send a card!

On to last night's project. Remember these Tea Bag Holders I made:

Remember how I brayered randomly over Kraft card stock with Old Olive and Really Rust inks, then stamped a leaf in brown over it? Well, in a desperate attempt to come up with Project #2 for this Sunday's Stamp Camps (that's right THIS WEEKEND!), I decided to go with what worked. Plus, it was not a Christmas card, and it also satisfied my personal goal to include at least one 'technique' each month. So here's what I just made:

Yes, it is pretty simple, but it is tough to mess up, too, as there is no 'wrong' way to make it. You brayer until you stop, then you stamp on some leaves. If you hate it, as we all know: every piece of card stock has two sides, so you turn it over and try it again.

I think I'll move the tag over to the other side of the knot, and maybe even brayer over it so it is not so stark a contrast, but I think this will be a most excellent project. I do!

Only two more to go, and I'll be all set. LOTS of time ... it's only Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. oooooh...BRAYERING!!! now see, that *is* a clever technique AND i think stamp campers will enjoy trying it at your house to see if they like it w/o having to go buy a brayer!

    i also like the simple (dare i say, "simply elegant" or will june charge us royalties??!) ;) design of the card, which allows the campers to make this into ANY occasion and/or add their own bits on top if they wanted. ('cause you KNOW i'd be cuttin' out an extra leaf and tyin' it on the ribbon!!! being as i'm not so much of a less-is-more kinda gal!) :)

  2. Fall cards are the best, aren't they? Gorgeous colors and leaves. Mmmmmmmm.

    BTW, I don't charge royalties to my friends :)

  3. Lovely fall card. Your technique is very pretty.


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