Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy (aka: Creative Avoidance)

I woke up Sunday morning all refreshed and with a ton of ideas rolling around in my head. I had a whole day to just STAMP!

On the agenda was to make some Malamute note cards for this Saturday's show, so the first thing I did was to make a bazillion more book marks. No dogs, just bookmarks. I figured they sold pretty well, so why not. It would use up some of that ribbon stash, too.

First up, I made more of these:

Then I started to run out of stuff... first it was the faux gems I was using in the centers of the stamped images. After a bit of nail-biting, I realized I had a whole still-unopened container of clear Dew Drops. Lookie:

Okay, this one slipped a bit off-center, but you get the idea.

Next I ran out of the Filigree brads. I only had 6 large ones left, and the holes in the small ones were too tiny for this ribbon. Pooh. So I rummaged in my stash and found these washers:

Not as pretty as the Filigree brads, but the right size, and the words add a bit of je ne sais quoi. They also made me add to the labeling to identify which package contained which word. I am an expert at generating work for myself. Here is the bookmark with the Dew Drop and washer:

After I was done, I had this little rat's nest:

I bagged and tagged them, added some labels - done! Then I made some more bookmarks with that cloth-feel cork-patterned ribbon, too, but I'll spare you the photo, largely because I forgot to take one.

I still needed to make some dog cards, so next I made some Chanukkah cards. I know, I have a problem focusing.

This image from PTI, stamped on SU Shimmer White card stock, just screamed for me to get out my Sakura Gelly Roll glitter pens. Look how pretty:

As is my method, I sat and stared at these once they were colored, not knowing what to do with them, so I set them aside and made some of these:

No dogs here, either. But there is a dreidel from the same PTI set. I colored it to (hopefully) look like wood. And yes, it is crooked, but I did that on purpose! Really! The paper is from my stash and I have had it forever. All gone now.

Then I got a clue and made this with the glittery menorah:

More paper from the stash. I cut the next-larger size of Nestie out of PTI's very yummy Shimmer Blue paper. It is very sparkly, and I hope you can see that here:

I also made this version of the card using the same basic supplies:

Why the different shapes? Poor stamping choices. I managed to stamp a few of them too close to the edge of the card stock so the longer die did not fit. Those top two were the result of "what will fit here?!".

This past weekend I also sold out of these cards:

... so I had to make more. Birds, not dogs. Birds.

Then I was tired, so I rested. And Sunday came to a close with not one stinkin' Malamute card anywhere to be seen.

But tonight! Oh, tonight I came through! I made - not 10, not 20, but 40 (FORTY) of these:

I stamped the doggie onto two full packs of SU note cards. I outlined all their bodies, colored all their tongues, then bagged and tagged them into 8 packs of 5 cards:

Ta-da! Man, I sure hope these sell this Saturday ...

That is all the stamping I actually accomplished. I have an idea to use the dog image with my 'feliz navidog' stamp for some Holiday cards. I also still want to make some more gift sets, i.e., boxes of thank you cards. Hey, it's only Monday ... lots of time!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You may consider it "avoidance" but you still got a ton done! And wow, you pumped out FORTY cards tonight? You are my hero. Love the malamutes btw, very cool stamp!

  2. Double WOW!! You're a star getting that lot done, even if alot of it was unintentional.
    I love all your stuff, you are sooooo creative me dear!

  3. a whole day to stamp? I'm jealous! With two small kids, I'm lucky to have 30 whole minutes at a stretch :) I love the bookmarks, but can you tell us how long you cut the ribbons? I think I have that same set of washers, and will be making some bookmarks for my son's teachers and the grandparents :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are a mass production hive of activity Pirate!
    beautiful stuff. Love the dog stamp and what you did with the candles.
    Have an awesome weekend and sell everything!!!


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