Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snow Globe Card, Attempt #1

Hello, there! I am still on the planet, though deeply mired, as usual. This time I am trying to get projects ready for this weekend's Stamp Camps, and I am failing miserably. I want to do some Christmas cards, but not ALL Christmas, cuz it's not even Thanksgiving yet, ya know?

I have two projects done - one Fall and one Christmas. Then I heard that one of my Tweeps, Libby Hickson of Libby's Little Addiction and the From Courtney's Closet challenge fame, did a tutorial for SplitCoast! Seriously! It is a Snow Globe card, and I had to go check it out. Here is her blog post with all the details and her card. I think it is stinkin' cute, so I thought I'd try it. If I could do it in under 30 minutes, I'd offer it up to The Ladies for one of this weekend's projects.

Well, as EXCELLENT as her pictorial AND video tutorials are, I seem to be challenged with this one. Here is my in-under-30-minutes first attempt (no embellishments - just the basic card for starters):

Eh, not great, but I did prove I could do this in under 30 minutes. I need to add some ribbon to the base and pretty it up a bit, but I did not want to waste product until I got the card right.

So tonight I tried it again. FAIL! I made a few adjustments to the measurements, but I found that even though the card comes together fairly easily, I am incapable of free-handing the snow. I confess: I cannot draw snow. Just look at this:

The hard part? Cutting them both exactly the same so they match front-to-back on the acetate. Ptttht! If *I* cannot do this, should I expect my customers to pull it off? I think not.

Sigh. So I am back to needing two more projects, and I have Friday after work to pull that off. This is not going well.

To make myself feel better, I tried to make a more seasonal York Pattie treat decoration, and I am pretty happy with this:

That's the acorns from SU's Autumn Splendor set from the Holiday Mini catalog. The DSP is Autumn Meadows, also from the mini. The scallops are Choc Chip.

Here's the back - the same paper, just the flip side. I love two-sided paper for things like these. Oh, oh, oh - I could make this a quick bonus project when they make their Autumn card! Ohboy!

Now I need to go to bed, as I feel like I am getting sick. I CANNOT be sick, as I have Stamp Camps this weekend, followed by craft shows both of the next two weekends. I CANNOT GET SICK! Grrr ...

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  1. Sorry my snowglobe is giving you fits. :-( I still think your tree globe is gorgeous! Also love your leaves & acorns. Mmmm... York patties!! :-)

  2. I think the snow globe is gorgeous too! I see no flaws and love it! Magical and beautiful!
    Ooooh, those acorns! One of my fav botanical motifs! I an NUTS about them!!!


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