Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Think I May Be Ready For Saturday (Maybe)

I AM ALIVE, people, if absent from Blogdom. I am deeply mired in Craft Show Season, and have been a creating fool. Last night I made an executive decision to make a pizza at 10 pm and stay up until midnight crafting. I knew I'd be sorry this morning, and man, was I right. I am sorry right now, too. As soon as I hit Publish on this baby, I'm going to bed!

So what have I been up to? Last night, I did the mass-production thing with the Feliz Navidog cards and the candles I showed you in my last post. I made a total of 10 of the dog cards and 10 candles. It is not a magic number, it just happened.

Then I had this idea. You know, one of those niggling ideas in your head that keeps you spinning until you get it out onto paper? Yeah, one of those. I had purchased the SU Medallion digital image, and I wanted to make note cards using it. This is my first pass:

I shrunk the Medallion to fit on a 3.5 x 5 note card, then proceeded to print it on different card stock in a desperate attempt to use up some of my stash. These are about an A2 size. The medallion color is one I made up by just moving the color bars in my editing software. The sentiment is from Savvy Stamps.

So what do you think? Too boring? I know that boring, or should we say "understated", is appealing to some people. It took every fiber of my being to not add ribbon to these. I boxed them in groups of 5. I'll let you know if any of them sell this weekend. For my next attempt, I'll print them on the smaller note cards and also reduce the opacity so it is a fainter image.

Then one of my Tweeple, Dreena, showed us a gift card holder she had just made, so I CASEd it. I DID! As soon as she posts hers to her blog I will link to the actual post, but for now you will just have to look at mine.

This is the outside:

It is 4.25 square. I used some of my embarrassingly-large stash of Basic Grey Figgy Pudding papers, because I wanted to use Artichoke, and these go nicely with Artichoke. The snowflakes (SU) are stamped with Versamark Champagne, which is glittery. The ribbon is from my stash.

Here's the inside:

The pocket on the left is decorated with the same Basic Grey paper, and I punched a notch in it - this will hold the gift card or cold, hard cash. There's a 4x4 Vanilla panel on the right side stamped with the same snowflake and ink in the bottom right corner. It's kinda hard to see, largely because my photography skills are lacking, but you should get the idea. I made 6 of these tonight.

I pretty much have done everything that's gonna get done before Saturday. Tomorrow I plan to make some gift tags, maybe, and a few signs for my booth, and then I'll get up reeeeeeal early on Saturday to get to the hall to set up. It's too far to go Friday night, come back home, then turn around and go back. Yes, I whine.

Well, it is raining like crazy, and I am operating on about 5 hours' sleep, so I think I'll call it a night.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: I've been reading Julie & Julia before lights-out, and when she started her blog, she shortened "blog readers" to "bleaders". I thought that was pretty cute!


  1. I loooooooooooooooove them! I might CASE your CASE of me! heh heh! Sell them all my friend, and lets compare craft show saturday notes on Monday. :) Big warm wishes on yours!


  2. Definitely NOT boring. Simply elegant :)

    I love the gift card holder! I am always looking for new gc holder ideas. Thanks!

  3. HAAAA! Feliz Navidog! Leave it to you....

  4. ok, just b/c i cannot DO clean and simple to save my life, doesn't mean i don't recognize and appreciate it: the medallian cards are definitely cool. (having said that...they'd be cool avec ribbon, also, imo...)

    seriously diggin' the g/c holder design. i may come back later and CASE your friend's CASE of your CASE of her. assuming i can remember how to say that again. ever.


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