Friday, November 6, 2009

Snow Globe Card, Attempt #1.5

You may have noticed I have been centering the photos in my posts lately. This is because of the skewing I was seeing in FireFox when I used IE to post. Being "in the biz", I am painfully aware that different browsers render HTML differently, so I took that bull by the horns, started using FireFox as my go-to browser, and am centering everything to prevent skewing. This is contrary to my motto of "only ever change one thing at a time" - you know: a controlled test, but I was impatient and wanted it to WORK! So if you see any wonkiness in my posts, please let me know. I do want to make it a better experience for the three (maybe four) of you who actually stop by now and then.

Okay - today. Ugh. I went to bed early last night with a shot of NyQuil-equivalent in my tummy. I woke up and felt no better, so I called in sick and rolled over. I slept for 1-hour spurts until I forced myself out of bed around 11:00 am, and proceeded to sit on the couch. Hey, at least I was vertical! Mostly. The cat actually left her perch to comfort me. This is her day-time perch (but only on sunny days):

She actually came over and curled up in my lap. So sweet. I have been mostly a lazy bum all day, not overdoing anything. I did, however, take a few breaks from slovenliness to (1) shower, (2) do a load of wash, (3) eat lunch, and (4) finish the Snow Globe card to see if it would make the cut for the weekend. Not a bad day, but it is only 8 pm as I type this, and I could go to bed right now. This is not good.

Here is the Snow Globe after application of glitter and some ribbon:

Not great, but passable. I think it does a great job of showing them the idea of the globe. They can take the instructions (which I need to print off before Sunday) and make another one themselves at home, having played with it here. I sure hope there is not a revolt or anything.

The thing with the snow on the globe is (Libby reminded me today) you need to cut the inside piece of 'snow' a little smaller than the outside piece so it does not show. Well, this assumes I have them cut the same shape, now, doesn't it! HA! Oh, sorry, but I did try.

Moving on, here is another card I finished to showcase some more of SU's Autumn Meadows DSP:

This card was based on one done by Mary Fish, who does amazing stuff. I liked her interpretation of the Mojo Monday 105 sketch, and I especially liked it because I have the stamps she used, so I could CASE it. But, as usual, I had to be different, and it ended up just being an inspiration and not a complete CASE.

I did not use a sentiment, because I am still not so sure this card is right, but it will have to do. I overlapped the circles on the top row because I was stoopid and ran a line of adhesive along the base card stock and stuck the circled down to it instead of taping the individual circles to the card. I always warn my customers to tape the smaller piece you are sticking so you do not have adhesive sticking out, but did I listen to my own advice? Nooooooo, I did not. So this will be a perfect example of how NOT to do this step. I love showing them how much I mess up so they don't make the same mistakes. I made another partial card front with it done correctly, for demonstration purposes.

Now that I look at this card from across the room, I think I want to add a row of Choc Chip circles along the bottom, or at least make that piece of Choc Chip extend a little further down the card front. Yep, that's what I'll do!

Tomorrow. I'll do that tomorrow. Tonight I am too tired.

I have not yet decided if I'll do tomorrow's market or not. It would be my last one for the year, and I'd hate to miss it, but if I feel puny, I'll stay home. Not worth getting sicker since I have my Stamp Camps on Sunday and craft shows each of the next two weekends. My Stamp Camp customers do not usually care if I sit on the couch while they play, but I must be strong and healthy to endure the rush of holiday shoppers at my craft shows. I can only hope.

Enough with the whining for this evening. I hope to be way more chipper on the morrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. get some rest and feel better <3

    and i agree about the choc chip along the bottom

  2. So sorry to hear you are sick and probably going to miss your last market of the year. :(
    Loving your pussy cat on the perch, I have one of those ~~ perch, got 3 cats,~~ but only the den is used further down, they don't perch at all. Too old I daresay.
    Loving your cards lately and you do enthuse me to get out of my comfort zone. Gonna give the globe a whirl....ha!!ha!!!
    Get well soon.
    Maybe 4 xxxxxx

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Did you hear about the Montgomery Village traffic mess?

    I think your snowglobe far exceeds "passable". I love it :)

  4. i LOVE the snowglobe idea...i love the first snowglobe...and the SECOND snowglobe TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!!!! if i showed up at a stampcamp and someone just gave me the IDEA for this...much less the recipe and written instructions...i'd be a very happy stampy camper, that's for sure!!!

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