Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lazy, Market-less Saturday

Today I wimped out and did not do the Farmers Market. Nope - I stayed home, hunkered down on the couch and was a lazy bum. What that let me do was get ready for tomorrow's Stamp Camps and not be up all night. I was done (pretty much) with all the station set-up, card-stock cutting AND kit assembly before 7 pm. CRAZY, I KNOW! But it feels so good to be a little ahead. I have one more spot to clear out, and that is MY spot. But after tonight, it will, in theory, no longer be my spot, as I am supposed to move into the other room, now known as the Craft Room (gotta come up with something better than that ...). Only problem is the table in there is covered with stuff that has nowhere to live yet. We shall see ... we shall see.

One of the things I did today was re-make one of my cards from yesterday's post. Here is the updated version:

I think this one is WAY more better! I, um, sorta faked the whole thing on my version, not wanting to re-stamp and re-punch all those circles, ya know? Plus, the paper was glued down really well to the card stock, and me being me, I was sure if I cut another piece to start over, I'd run one piece short for my kits. Uh-huh. So I scavenged what I could from the original card, which meant I had to do a bit of surgery on the back, but no one will ever see it. All the card stock for the kits is cut to the right size, pretty much, I think.

In other news, well, there IS no other news. I have been such a slug all day that I have absolutely nothing else to share. Well, there is one funny line from one of my tweeps. She told me to carpe diem this morning and just stay home and prep for tomorrow's Stamp Camps instead of sitting outside at the Market and risk getting sick. When I pondered how I could possibly be DONE with the setup already, she said, "its cuz u carpe'd the diem!" Okay, maybe you had to be there.

On that note, I will leave you to more sensible endeavors, and I hope to have something of substance to share with you tomorrow.

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  1. DUDE: ain't nobody carpe's a diem as well as you!!! :)

    i like the 3 rows of scallops way more better, also. in fact i like them VERY much indeed and am now sort of semi-envisioning using the basic sketch of your card with an xmassy image! wahey, that makes *2* xmas card ideas i have now, i have DOUBLED my stock just by coming to your blog! TA v much, missus!!! ♥

  2. oof apologies for grammar mistake above--of course what i meant to say was:

    "i like it way more BETTERER, also!"

    (i apologize for the embarrassing lapse!)

    ps: WV="butiv"= but, i've yet to think of a funny joke to accompany it! :)


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