Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthday Banners

Hello there, and Happy Friday! I am in the throes of VSN tonight over on Splitcoast, so of course I stamped a non-VSN card. I did. You see, we have 45 minutes to make each card, and I made one in 20 minutes, so I had time to kill.

One of the lessons we learned in our Kick Start class is to keep track of not just cards we want to CASE, but what it is specifically about the card that inspires us. This keeps us from truly copying the original (though I usually change my mind mid-creation and make it my own anyway), but it also lets us combine elements from different cards we liked into one new creation.

That said, I was reading The Paper Players challenge:

and I was tempted to CASE the card sample made by Dawn Easton - second card down, the white-on-white with bright colorful banners - but instead I wrote down "white-on-white" and "color". Then I remembered I had die-cut a bunch of banners/pennants out of some retired SU papers and not used them, so when I got home I made this:

All I did was use a neglected embossing folder on a 4x5.25 piece of the same paper as the base, then added the banners and a few pearls. In my world, this is CAS. I even let the embossed background stand in as the sentiment.

I'm also experimenting with something new: Inlinkz. The better to enable you. :D Please be patient with me while I work out the kinks.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Come play over at VSN! It's fun!
PPS: Aaaaaand, the collection over at Paper Players is closed. Of course.


  1. how cute! I need to use that folder myself!

  2. Love the banners with the pearls in between. Let us know how you like the InLinkz thing, I was tempted to try it when it was still free but never got around to it.

  3. You see? We can feed off of each other. Now you've got me wanting to make a card with a simple embossed background. O gotta figure out that Inlinkz too. :-)

  4. Love that embossed image. I neglect my folders too. It's because they are not in my way. 99% of the time I make a card and either, A) forget to link it or B) forget to link it in time :)


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