Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Pink Cards

I started these Friday after the last batch of pink cards, and I just finished them -- 10 in all. Let's jump right in and be done with all this (gah) pink so I can move on to something more palatable.

First up:

 This is probably the pinkest one of the lot.

Next up:
 Pink toe-nails. It had to be done.

And one more green-ish, but still pink:
When I started with the pom-pom ribbon, this card was my original idea. I wanted to span the ribbon with the stamped image, but it turned out to be TOO FAT! That turtle is on double-stacked Dimensionals. I wanted these flatter, so the second design came to be. And please ignore that the ribbon goes downhill. Thanks.

Next, I thought I'd show you three that are not so girly:

 Okay, still girly, but it's orange, not pink.

And next we have plaid:

Yep, you saw orange and yellow pom-poms, too. Did you notice I added a thin strip of washi tape under the twine on the plaid one? I needed some contrast for the twine; otherwise it got lost in the plaid.

And last(ly): dots:
All the papers come from the Basic Grey Sweet Threads 6x6 pack, and now I only have a few sheets of paper left, plus scraps. (go, me)

I'm off to introduce a few more critter stamps to ink. Enjoy your Sunday! And thanks for stopping by!


  1. VERY cute!! Love the kitty image. ANd that turtle is quite possibly the sweetest I've ever seen. I can't believe how MANY **PINK** cards you've made!! Woweeee!! :D

  2. I admire how you are (1) making adorable cards, (2) for a great cause, and (3) using up paper! Three birds, one stone. Way to go! :-)

  3. Cute! Now go make some snarky cards to give yourself a cleansing!

  4. for some one who hates (g!)P... you are kinda weirdly AWESOME at usin' it... sorry... but it had to be said... :) :) :) :)


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