Monday, September 3, 2012

Polaroid Smooches

During my blurfing I saw a Polaroid die-cut. At first my want-monster was mildly curious, but then my brain said, "Duuude: Silhouette!" Duh.  So I made a Polaroid shape, cut three, found it was too small, resized it and cut three more, and went to work.

When I staged my area for my 6x6 paper pad exercise, I pulled out a second, partially used pack of Basic Grey Life of the Party. Looking back now, what WAS I thinking? But it was out, so I used it today, and now it is put away. :)

I sized the Polaroid openings to fit the Paper Smooches Chubby Chums critters. I also used an old Skipping Stones Design sketch:

Then I made these:

I'm pretty sure no real-life cat has these colorings, but (to quote Lydia) "IT'S ART!" Also, I struggled for quite a while looking for just the right color for the center layer. I tried a squillion blues, but nothing was right. I ended up with SUs Summer Starfruit, which is somewhere between a yellow and a green, and it works great!

Dogs are a little easier to color for me:

Did you notice the tiny clip on these? I finally, after what - two years? - used some. ;/

And lastly, da bird:

My Copics skillz sukketh. Any shading or gradient coloring you see was pure accident. I think that paper is still soaking wet, too. Ugh. Oh, sorry, I forgot myself for a second. I totally meant to do that!

Notice the handsome orange specs around the bird? I lay laid set my orange marker on top of it and it leaked, so I added more.

Now, about those Polaroids ... here's one close:

When it cuts, the rectangle pops out of the center to leave the frame.  I needed to fit my image inside the frame, so I just used the popped-out rectangle since it would fit perfectly. I am so lazy. I did have to figure out how to get it to stay in place, so I cut a piece of printer paper about 1/8" skinnier all around than the frame and stuck it to the back.

I also colored the whole background to give it contrast against the frame. It still has much room for improvement, but I'm happy with my first attempt.

In other news, I did make one more card for OWH using my Bargello scraps from yesterday:

I think it's kinda fun!  That makes a total of 60 cards for OWH. Whoot!

Okay, back to my normal routine of making challenge cards, some of them even in the right week! :)

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  1. ooohhh these are soooo cute! I love them! You always have the neatest posts! I kinda hate you for that. ;)

  2. Clips! those are so cool! And I love the orange totally MEANT to do that :)

  3. Just adorable! Love your smooches cards!


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