Friday, June 14, 2013

ABNH + Neat & Tangled Collaboration

Today's the last day for the ABNH collaboration with Neat & Tangled. When I heard about this collaboration, I knew I needed the On The Strip 2 stamp set, because I could make my own striped or plaid paper and not have to use the backs of other stamps. I might be lazy. heh heh

Here is the card I have on today's ABNH post:

I fell in love with this color combination back in May, which I talked about here. You can tell I stamped this because it's so uneven, but it's kinda close ... maybe. And I did line up my block with the grid lines on my paper, but it's wonky on my eyes because of distortion. Yeah, that's it: distortion from the acrylic block. ;/ I'll try the SAMJ next time.

Why not head over to ABNH to see what some of the other DT ladies have cooked up?

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  1. Great card and that twine matches your stripes perfectly!


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