Sunday, June 16, 2013

Google Reader Update

For those of you unaware, Google Reader will retire July 1st. If you use Google Reader as your RSS reader for the blogs you follow, you'll have to switch to something else before then.

I looked at a bunch of other readers when this was first announced, and being the lazy cuss that I am, I went with the easiest one that also didn't make me stabby. I tried Bloglovin, Feedly, OldReader and one or two others, and in the end I went with Feedly.

As with anything new, it took a little getting used to, but I've come to love it. Well, not as much as Google Reader, but I knew I needed to let that go. And the support at Feedly is amazing. They took questions and suggestions through some blog posts*, and not only was Feedly very responsive, but the other commenters offered up a ton of insights, too. Such a great community; I was sold.

So if you subscribe to me via Google Reader or maybe even iGoogle, I will disappear from your world on July 1st. Since I appreciate each and every one of you, this is my heads-up for you to keep me in your blog roll after July 1st.

I've updated my Subscribe widgets over on the right to include a Feedly link, but if you come from Google Reader to start with, I should already be there. Also, Feedly has a cool mini widget that magically floats in your browser window so no matter what site you are on, you can click and add it straight into Feedly. Too easy.

In other news, it's been a crazy weekend, but I hope to get some stampin' in later today.

Thanks for stopping by!

* To get you started with Feedly: Transitioning from Google Reader to Feedly
   A recent update post: Feedly is listening: the roadmap you helped us shape

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  1. I went with Feedly, too, although I am using Google Reader right to the bitter end, in hopes they will change their minds. Why, Google?? We love your Reader!! I guess I need to edit my blog subscription options, too. Thanks for the reminder.


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