Sunday, June 9, 2013

Loopy Birthday, Version 2

I am obviously a glutton for punishment, because I went back in for more of those loopy rings that I whined about on my last card. I had actually started playing with something else when I got an idea and went for that die again.

Here's what I made, then I'll explain:

It all started with an idea I had to make a plaid using my still-out Impression Obsession Random Lines stamp. I stamped a few 1/4 sheets of white with neon blue and green and I loved it! I was playing with a different die when I thought how cool it would be to have black circles on top of these bright colors, so I started futzing.

I die-cut the Loopy Rings out of a piece of black packaging I kept, maybe because it was shiny. I thought that would be cool for the black rings since it was already shiny and I didn't need to deal with making it so. I ran that through my Xyron 2.5, and the roll I have in there (probably about 5 years old) has only one protected side, so I couldn't burnish the thing to remove the excess adhesive. Sigh. I tried to rub off most of it, then I stuck it to the plaid and used my adhesive remover to get most of the rest of it off. I also managed to remove some of the shiny black, but that's what black Sharpies are for.

I used a Martha Stewart glue pen on the individual circles, layered the whole panel onto black card stock, and put it on a white card. The sentiment banner is strategically placed to cover the messiest of the stubborn adhesive.

At the last moment I decided it needed a little something-something, so I broke open my Impression Obsession sunglasses dies (I told you that OWH Blog Hop was expensive!), cut one from the same black packaging, and covered it with Glossy Accents.

I think this passes as masculine more than that last one, so I'm going to enter it into the Catered Crop For The Boys challenge.

By the way, I tried to cover the back of the packaging with Sookwang tape and die-cut the Loopy Rings so it would come out pre-adhesived, but that didn't work. I'll keep thinking of other options, because I think this die is fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: SU Basic Black card stock, Xyron 2.5, black sharpie, MS glue pen, packaging from ... something. And no, I don't know why the EH links below don't have images in them; the links still work, though.


  1. Ooohh, love the loops. I have not seen that die yet. Fun card!

  2. I love the card, the blue and green neon inks are perfect together and the black rings really pop. I have a couple of Xyrons and rarely use them just because of the boogers issue. I guess there's no easy way with that die, huh? Even spray adhesive leave stickiness on the wrong side of things.

  3. You made that plaid yourself?!! WOW! I thought that it was patterned paper at first glance! I love the contrast of the straight lines in neon against the glossy black circles - definitely worth all the adhesive issues effort! :)


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