Sunday, June 16, 2013

More From The Ashes

I'm still cleaning making room on my craft desk, and I found two of the original neon plaid background pieces I used when I made this card. I decided it was time to finish what I'd started, and this is what came out:

I actually made this background first from one of the plaid pieces I'd stamped. I die-cut it with the Simon Says Stamp Full Card Bubbles die (link is below). I put the negative over a white piece, then put all the circles back into place (yes, yes I did), glued them down, then lifted the negative piece off leaving a bunch of floaty plaid circles. I might have even been anal enough to align the plaid of the circles with the background piece, even though it wasn't staying. I have no idea why.

Today I took this piece of circley goodness, trimmed it up a little, rounded two corners, then put it onto a black base. I put a piece of black card stock under the sentiment and trimmed it to the size of the white panel.Those black circle things are some "candy" I think from Stamping Bella. They are flecky and shiny in real life, but not glittery, though everything in here is glittery after that last card. What was I thinking?

For my second creation, I used the negative of the die-cut to make this:

I put it onto one of the darker cards in the Hero Hues Sunshine Mix note cards pack, then I had the idea to go back and fill each hole with Glossy Accents. To counter all the circles, I used a vertical sentiment stamped in black for contrast.

Speaking of black, when you have been playing at stamping as long as I have, you find things that were old are new again. And I've only been doing this for 11 years. Some of my longer-time stampy peeps have seen things go around three times or more. WHAT, you might ask? Yeah, it seems Versafine Black Onyx ink is all the rage now, and since I have it from before, I used it on the skinny sentiment on my first card. It really does stamp that sentiment better than any of my other black inks. There, I think I've just justified hoarding collecting.

On that note, I shall retire to The Captain's Quarters and see what else I can dig out of the pile. Then I might tackle a few challenges before the day is out.

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  1. I love your circle infused creations (I am a sucker for a circle!)...great job!

  2. It's a two-fer! I like them both a lot.

  3. You have really been working overtime with all these time consuming but very gorgeous cards! I am impressed! Keep up the good work. You are bringing out the want monster in me with the super dies, by the way...

  4. These are both so fun and SCRAP-tastic!


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