Saturday, June 29, 2013

You're Awesome

I've been playing. I love it when you see one thing, then you see another, then an idea forms.  It all started when I watched this video by Jennifer McGuire. She used Ferro with a stencil to create a raised pattern. I was instantly smitten.

Then I saw the new MFT Stone Wall stencil and my idea started to form.  This is what came out:

Isn't that cool?! It's not only raised and texture-y, but it's not stiff and brittle; I can bend the card stock and the stuff bends with me. This is very difficult to mess up.

About that dinosaur: I finally broke out my Paper Smooches Dino dies to make my life easier, though I did fussy-cut all those leaves. The dino has spots because my coloring came out streaky and I needed to camouflage it, so he now sports spots.

Now I need more colors of Ferro. I shake my fist (lovingly) at Jennifer for introducing me to yet another product I need. :) I'm going to try a few more colors with other stencils to see what happens.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: Paper Smooches Wise Dies Dinos 1.


  1. YOU are awesome - this is adorable! I have never heard of Ferro but I love the effect.

  2. I happen to think your dinosaur looks very cute with all those spots. I do not need Ferro, I do not need Ferro, I do not need Ferro... Let's see how long I stick to my convictions!


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