Saturday, November 14, 2015

Christmas Mode, Part Third (and Last)

For my last card, I used two stamps that were in the same box as the ones I used in my last post. I tend to keep my critters together.

Here's my card, then I'll explain:

With all the cute mice stamp sets out there this season, I'd forgotten about this guy. He's an old Hero Arts wood-mounted stamp.

One thing that bugs me about some stamp images is the images face to the left, and I think they should face to the right, where the card opens. So I made a second card:

See? Doesn't this look better? To flip him, I stamped him very carefully on a scrap of acetate (I can say "scrap" instead of "remnant" here since it's too small to use for anything but this), turned it over, and rubbed the ink onto the card front. I went over the lines with a Micron pen.

I followed the current CAS(E) This Sketch! sketch:

I think I'm done with Christmas cards for a while. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Some of the stuff I used: Hero Arts Dancing Mouse stamp, Savvy Stamps sentiment, Copics (0, N0, N2, N4, BG11, BG23, BG07, R03, R14, R35), Hero Arts Charcoal layering papers.


  1. I totally agree about how images should face to the right. Nice interpretation of the sketch!

  2. No matter which way he's going, he's a cutie! Love your card!

  3. It's possible that my extreme left-handedness makes me prefer the first iteration. But I know what you mean. Always a pain when the stamp faces in the wrong direction. Perfect colouring of this sweet mouse!

  4. Excellent flip of the stamp! I like him facing the card opening too.

  5. Oh, you clever girl! Yes, he should definitely face to the right. Love your card :)

  6. Mirror image is nicely done! You make grounding the cute critter look so easy. I struggle with that; tend to make it bigger and bigger, lol!

  7. Good job on getting him flipped around. That's a clever use of a scrap of acetate (and are we really quibbling over scrap vs. remnant these days?). I agree about too many things facing the wrong way. I would have never guessed Hero made that mouse. Anyway, all this and almost forgot to say that your card is cute!

  8. Great idea to use the acetate! And a wonderful, cute card!

  9. Absolutely, I agree he should face the opening. Great job of mirroring that stamp...and he should have ice skates on...

  10. yes, i agree, i almost always like my images to face towards the opening of the card. i can usually compensate by putting a left-facing image towards the right of the card, so that it's at least staring into the rich heartland of the card and not just... you know... right off the edge, like there's a better card OVER THERE... (yes, i'm a little nuts, but there ya go) meanwhile i actually think this guy is cute enough to face ANY direction he wants and still be adorable! ♥

  11. I agree, he looks better facing the right. Cool technique to flip him over!
    Super sweet take on the sketch!


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