Tuesday, November 17, 2015

SOS #228: Thanks

It's Tuesday and time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week's theme is Thanks, with a nod to the US Thanksgiving holiday just a week away. You can make a Thank You card, or a Thanksgiving-themed card, or a stack of Christmas Thank You cards for all those gifts you plan to get.

Here's my card, then I'll explain:

This card only took an hour and a half to make. Seriously. My original idea fell apart (my small leaf thumb-punches refused to cut through card stock - must have reached their end-of-life). I wanted to make a leaf wreath, and I wouldn't let the idea go. I might be stubborn. Next I looked through my leaf dies. They were either too big or too small. What to do ... what to do ...

Stamps! I have stamps! But without dies (there is a matching die set, I just don't have them), I'd have to manually cut them all out, which sounded like work. I finally settled on the SSS Summer Garden set because it has a small, smooth-sided leaf.

I didn't want to cut out ALL of them, so I drew a circle on my white card panel, and stamped every other leaf. They were pretty much end to end around the circle.  Then I stamped 10 or 12 leaves on a piece of white card stock.

I colored the stamped leaves, cut out the singles, then stuck them to the circle, covering up the spaces between the stamped leaves. I liked how it came out!

I did not like how I schmeared black ink on the bottom of the panel, so the wreath had to be cut out, which is why it's a circle. Sigh. The things we do for our craft ...

I knew I wanted to use a black thanks die-cut, and wished I had a give word somewhere. I checked; I don't. So I used my trusty MFT Mini Banner Day Alphabet set to stamp the word give. It was going along swimmingly, since I practiced a lot off to the side. Then, it happened. I touched the e to the card stock before I was ready to stamp, and I RUINED THE WHOLE THING.

Fear not, as I used my usual method for saving myself in this situation: I stamped it again on a separate piece of card stock and covered the boo-boo with an I meant to do that banner. It looks a bit strange, but I was NOT starting over!

Since I destroyed my original white panel, I was forced to figure out what to do with the white circle/wreath. I finally settled on a Hero Arts Kraft card base, but it was boring. No problem! I have lots of failed projects on my desk, and one of them involved a new-to-me background stamp from Impression Obsession: Starburst. I stamped it with Versamark over the card front. I didn't even emboss it; just went for the tone-on-tone look.

I used a punched foam circle that was also sitting on my desk -- left over from a shaker card episode -- and stuck it behind the wreath piece before I stuck it to the card front.

I think my idea of stamping every other leaf was a sound decision. I believe that in the future, I need to cover my whole card front with a huge Post-It note to try and reduce these schmears. It's getting old, fast.

SO, are you thankful? How about making a Thank You card, or a Thanksgiving card (got turkeys?), and join us over at SOS!

Thanks for stopping by!

Some of the stuff I used: MFT Mini Banner Day Alphabet, Copics (0, YR14, YR68, YG67, YG95, R37, Y19), SU black card stock, SU mini glue dots, and the following:


  1. Nice save. The leaves are so pretty and I like the colors you used on them. The little banner looks perfectly fine.

  2. I'm sure if it was me it would be a 4 hour card. Gorgeous leaf wreath, fab. save on the give which btw looks fine. totally awesome card.

  3. your schmear/dropped stamp story is 90% of why i rarely stamp & a further 75% of why i love an over-loaded layery schmear-friendly grunge aesthetic, lol. ah feeeeel ur pain!!! :0 but you totally turned all the "boo boos" --which NO ONE would even have guessed were there!!!-- into "i meant to do that"!!! well done! love it!

  4. Sounds like a very frustrating crafting session, but I gotta tell you that it was TOTALLY worth it - this made my jaw drop. It's so warm and gorgeous and lovely and allllllll the other good adjectives!

  5. I just love how your mind works (except when it is working on the challenge schedule.) Seriously, your eye for color and composition is amazing! I am awed by CAS designers because you guys can sort through the "multiple" ideas that flood our brains when working on a new project, and narrow it down to one simple, powerful design. Beautiful work and well worth the effort!

  6. Yes, your wreath solution is brilliant and eminently stealable. ;) The schmearing would have sent me into such a funk! Glad you had a variety of saves to rely on, as your finished card looks great! The leaves are beautiful coloured.

  7. Love the wreath...brilliant idea to pop up a cut leave every so often to cover gaps.

  8. I haven't felt like crafting lately and was feeling a tad guilty about it. Then you reminded that trying to craft when not in the mood leads to fiasco, disasters, and swear words like you mentioned above. My final I'm finishing you no matter what cards never come out as great as yours. You are so much better with the save! This is an awesome card!

  9. I know you totally meant to do all the so called fixes. This card is gorgeous!

    Also laughing at Chana's mentioning the scheduling. Snicker snicker.

  10. Well, that's about an hour and fifteen minutes longer than I like to spend on a card, but holy carp, girl, in this case all that time was well worth it! Your "secret panel" banner is subtle and DOES look like you meant to do that! I'm pinning this brilliant card!! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs, Darnell

  11. oh mannnnnn this is how we slowly go insane! Seriously. Those leaves are amayyyyzing, just gorgeously coloured - and boy, did you manage to save this one :)

  12. I am thankful for your stubbornness because this card is awesome!!!


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