Saturday, November 21, 2015

In Cyberspace, No One Can Hear You Scream

I was this close to hitting publish on this post, and I accidentally erased my whole post. Then it auto-saved. AAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! So I re-titled it.

Let me try again.

The other day I made a card, and was sitting down to post it when I went "meh", and went back into the craft room.

Here is the original card:

I thought the colors of the die-cut would be enough contrast with the inked background, but I thought wrong. I cut some black words and glued them over the originals - those words were really, really stuck, Then I attempted to cut another set of colored words out of the original UFO I'd used:

Water colored panel with failed tape removal on the left.

but I'd not planned well, and the only option I had was to cut them in the other direction, and the colors were just so very wrong. So I water colored another panel (yes, I did) cut the words out, and glued them to the black, a little off-set:

I was a gluey mess, and please don't mention how uneven it is. I tried.

The blue heart is left over from the punched-out leaves from the wreath in this post - they were still on my table, so I added the heart, then covered it with clear Wink of Stella.

Not my best work, but it's a little better than the version with no black. Unless you think the "fading into the background" words are okay. Or I could have used dark gray words and a dark gray banner and just forgotten the colored words. I need to go back and play some more.

My color combination is courtesy of Shari Carroll's Distress Color Combo recipes on the Simon site. I've printed them out and I keep them with my mini Distress ink tins. For this (these) cards I used Recipe #2: Peacock Feathers, Picked Raspberry, Spiced Marmalade, and Mustard Seed.

Thanks for stopping by!

Some of the stuff I used: Bazzill Sea Glass card stock, SU black card stock, bottom half of a River City Rubber Works birthday stamp, and the following:


  1. I liked the first card, and then the second card really caught my eye. That black backing really does add something doesn't it? Sweet card either way, one of my favorite's of yours.

  2. It would have been interesting to have seen the intermediate stage, with the black lettering, and how it would have looked with the black banner underneath. Like Ca, I liked the first version, but the final version has much more impact.

  3. What they said - the first card is great too, just softer. And score for the random UFO heart :) Also, thanks for the distress recipe link - off to check that out, since I'm addicted to using them.


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