Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall Quilt

One of the cool things about this hobby is inspiration is everywhere! I've been inspired by paintings at a doctor's office, or the tile pattern/colors in a public bathroom, or hotel carpeting, or someone's shirt.  Today I was inspired by the new avatar for one of my Tweeps:

This coincided with the current Colour Me! challenge:

I just used the three colors in the challenge, omitting the orange and green. This was a good thing, since the die I planned to use gives me a headache, even though I love it.

I made many cards, and two survived. Here's one of them:

I think this was my third attempt. I started with white watercolor paper (you can kind of see that in the square with the sentiment), but decided to go with an off-white instead. I inked up an acrylic block with Tea Dye, Barn Door and Mustard Seed Distress inks, spritzed it to get the colors flowing, then pressed it onto a piece of water color paper. I let it sit for a bit to get the colors to soak in, then removed the bock and dried the panel with my heat gun.

I originally thought the white/cream squares would look good in a colored frame, but it was too stark. The off-white frame looked better with the colored squares, and that's what you see above.

The plain square looked funny with all the other square with designs in the centers, so *light bulb* I thought I'd break open my Mama Elephant Mini Messages set and give that blank square a job.

Next, I thought maybe I needed to use fewer patterns, so I die-cut a bunch more in off-white. I tired several combinations, but just wasn't feeling the love.

I finally settled on a colored frame with colored squares and off-white centers:

Normally, quilts have a contrasting edge, but for this, I liked the contrasting centers. I might be weird.

In other news, I am almost out of my favorite Hero Arts Punch Layering Papers. They no longer offer them by individual color; you need to buy the 3-color pack. Same with the packs of note cards. When I first got wind of this change last year, I immediately bought up all the Grass note cards I could find. I wasn't in Punch mode then. :(  I found some Punch note cards at Amazon, but the shipping is per item, and I didn't want to pay a bazillion dollars in shipping, nor did I feel like contacting the seller to negotiate. So I'm running low on Punch layering papers. I may have to bite the bullet and buy the mixed packs. So sad.

I hope wherever you are, if you got snow, that you are happy about it. We got a tease yesterday, and it melted as soon as the sun hit it. I hear some people have gotten 12" or more. I'm not ready for that, yet. Maybe in January.

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  1. These are fabulous Leslie, I like the white centers on both cards. I can't decide which of the two i like better, both are so pretty.

  2. These are beautiful! Excellent ink smooshing.


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