Sunday, February 7, 2010

Four Little Critters

I still have my Hero Arts Woodland Creatures stamp set out on the Captain's Table, so yesterday, being a shut-in and all (trapped in my own home by mounds of drifted snow), I dug the set out of the heap and set to work. I'd spied this card in my travels, and I knew instantly what needed to be done. C-A-S-E! Ohmygosh, she even used MY SET!

Naturally, I needed to make it my own, so I did change up a few things. Check 'em out:

First, Mr. Raccoon. One of my Tweeps, who lives in Germany, thinks our North American raccoons are cute. Well, maybe they are, but they are still varmints! But this one looks pretty nice, doesn't he?

I changed a few things from the original: ribbon, button color, card base color, sentiment set (same words, though), and I also rounded the card corners and added an orange layer of DSP behind the white.

I also made three more with the other critters in the set:

Mr Squirrel ... and ...

Mr. Skunk ... and ...

Mr. Porcupine. All cuties. I had originally thought I'd make a critter set - multiple cards, each with a different critter. But then I was stumped for sentiments, especially since I wasn't sure to whom critter cards like these might be sent? A young lad? A lover of the specific critter type? So I went safe and made them all Birthday cards, and I'll sell them individually.

Today I'll put that set away and work on something else from the stash on the table. Slowly I'll clear out partially-completed efforts, and in the process, build up an inventory for my March show, which is amazingly only 4 weeks away! Yikes!

In other news, the snow actually stopped falling from the sky around 4:30 or 5:00 pm yesterday. Now we begin the Great Digging Out. Hopefully those kids who I called and then they called back to confirm actually show up and get to me. They said other people from my neighborhood had also called, so hopefully they can get to all of us today. That's a lotta shoveling. I'll report back on how that goes. If it ends up I need to make a dent on my own, I think I'll need to take out the screen panel in my door to get out. Right now I cannot open the door even an inch. Oh, well.

I guess I'll have to stamp in between loads of laundry today. Oh, the suffering I do for my craft ... ;-) If anything blog-worthy happens, I'll be sure to show it off.

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  1. The critters are cute and I LOVE the colors and the layout and the ribbon and the button. I especially love the orange patterned paper as a layer.

  2. i am seriously DIGGIN' the critters!!! (even the so-called varminty ones!) very cute & they make utterly appealing birthday greetings! ♥♥♥

    (oof--'member how i said "oh i rarely get spam"? HA! i've gotten at least one per day since i wrote that. arrrgh. i really don't wanna go the WV route but i am now considering it...)


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