Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spot The Mistake - We have a winner!

We got a little snow - and it's still coming down. We're up to over a foot, maybe 16" so far, and it should approach 20'' by 10 pm. Here is my back yard about 7:30 am:

Those are NOT comfy chairs. They're wooden Adirondack chairs.

Dulles airport has 19" of snow, and a town North of here has 30" already. Fortunately for me, some very enterprising people came door-to-door IN THE SNOW last night handing out pieces of paper with their phone number. They said just to call on Saturday and they'd be coming around to dig us out. I AM SAVED!

Now, the good part: WE HAVE A WINNER for my Spot The Mistake contest. First, I've gotta tell you, though, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I LOVE THIS CRAFT! I mean, c'mon, where else would people nominate another commenter for the prize?!

So without further ado, I bow to your wishes and award the prize to KellyRae for her fabulous suggestion to make my own Flower Soft I can use in my SU Stamp Camps. Yay! Woo-hoo! (The crowd goes wild!)

And here's what you've won:

I ended up with two of these, so now one of them is yours! Please email me your mailing address (DO NOT post it here) and I'll get this out to you as soon as I dig out of here.

Thanks for playing, everyone!


  1. Those chairs DO look like recliners now! How hilarious!

    And that stamp set is adorable!

    Or, as Sue would say, Ths tmeip sie z ariaieskp!

    WV: The manatot is a little known cousin of the manatee

  2. OMGosh, what a hoot! I love papercrafters. We do have fun. Leslie, I hope you've been rescued from the snow drifts by now. I'm shivering just looking at that whiteness!


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