Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Update

I thought I'd give you an update on my shut-in-ness. This was the view outside my back door this morning:

Just gorgeous! By mid-day, the sun had melted the snow off the tree branches and they were upright once again. We did lose some trees in the neighborhood, or at least some large branches off several of them.

The snow crew arrived mid-day to rescue me. This was my front door 'before':

Yeah, I know, the sun is glaring, but look at the bottom of the door. THAT is the problem. The snow drifted up the door and blocked me in. There is a step down when I go out, and the center of that drift measured 16" on the inside. I was trapped, but good.

Once they cleared the front door, I slipped out for some photo action. Here's my front steps, or at least the half they cleared:

And here is my dug-out car:

Phew! Now I can get out of here tomorrow. My neighbor, who was away this weekend, said the expressway is cleared in spots, but she would suddenly hit a stretch with 3" of snow. This does not bode well for tomorrow's commute.

On the other side of my car is my other car, the Miata:

What? You can't see it? See the mirror? So sad. She won't see the sunlight until March, I suspect. I told the guys they could put the snow behind the Miata since I was pretty sure I was not going to shovel it out any time soon.

Speaking of my neighbor, to the left of my Miata is her parking spot. Yep - all snow. I took advantage of that to measure:

It's official: 20" deep. It seems like more, but we did have a lot of drifting. When my neighbor drove up, she looked at her spot, shook her head, parked somewhere else and walked back. She just looked at her spot, then looked at her front walk, which was strangely similar in depth. She was miserable and her little doggy was cold.

Then we did this:

That's a path across the grass from my walk to her front door. I started it, but then I held her dog while she worked on the top foot or so. Her dog wanted in so badly, the little thing leaped between my neighbor's footprints and went inside.

I dug out the central mailbox so the mail lady can get to it tomorrow. I salted (okay, it's not real salt ... it's the no-salt pet-safe melt stuff) my walk and around my car so I won't kill myself tomorrow by slipping on ice. THAT would be a real shame, especially with my SABLE stash and all. No, the no-salt is good stuff.

That is all I have - no stampy stuff to share. I hope to remedy that tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow - the picture of your Miata is the best. That's what the drifts around our house look like and my hubby isn't home so I had to dig out mostly by myself. It's pretty, but I hope it melts fast!! :)

  2. The fun part is always deciding where to pile it so you won't be shoveling it again later.... We haven't had one of these this year, yet, still lookin' forward. A perplexing 'anintsm'

  3. craazy. 20" of snow - wow. I'm in Canada and rarely see snow like that. Hope it starts to clear up soon!

  4. hey Neighbor.. you know if you ever need help shoveling call me and I can come help or send my husband...

  5. So pretty! It never fails, around here when it snows, it's ALWAYS bright & sunny the next day.

  6. Hey, Leslie - great photos of your snow! We got closer to 30" here in Northern VA. Amazing, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Wowzer, that's a lot of snow. But it does make for pretty pictures (awesome blue skies). I'm so glad I don't get snow any more, even though I might miss it around July when the heels of my shoes dig into the softened blacktop and even my tires dig gouges as I leave a parallel parking space (lol).

  8. According to DH.....28 inches in Laytonsville.


  9. YEOWZA! you got twice as much as us, but frankly 11" was off-putting enough for *ME*! more called for tonight...which i *think* this is the time WE get nailed and you just get "a bit"...arrrrgh...

  10. We officially got 34.5", but this round #2 will probably hit you harder than us. Either way it is A LOT, no matter what it measures. I have not dug out my mailbox yet. And my mailman delivered the mail anyway! I owe him big time.


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